Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Dear, Sweet Raggedy Ann

Dear, Dear Raggedy Ann.  She is only 45 years old.
The stories she could tell. 
She was with me since I was an infant.  I took her everywhere.
I couldn't go to sleep without her.
I used to launder and iron her little clothes.
She rode along on my trike and then in  my flowered bike basket.
I brought her along to my Gramma's house for a summertime visit (1970).
Against my wishes, I left her behind when I went to visit cousins.   Pepe' the Mn. Poodle
chewed off her foot!   My Gramma called my Mom LONG DISTANCE during the DAY 
so worried about telling me!   My brother, 5 years older than me, (age of 12) had to 
sew on a new foot constructed from an uncle's black sock.  Can you 
imagine the "goings on" in that house all afternoon.   My Gramma
was afraid to show me when I returned.   I wanted to cry, but I was a big girl 
and acted like it was okay.
Now let's fast forward to the 1990's.
I had the cutest little Miniature Schnauzer,
Buster was such a good boy.  He was very smart.
He could do a lot of tricks.   He was my baby before I had my son.
He was my true companion.   
I had Raggedy sitting on a rocking chair in my bedroom.
I walked into my room to see her lying on the floor 
with her eyes ripped off!  Whatever possessed him to do that - I don't know.
I just don't know how to repair her.  I don't think that I can.  
Her material is soooo old.  45 years old.  
She sits on my closet shelf.  Staring at me with her poor 
little shoe button eyes every time I open the door.
I'm afraid to take her out of the closet.   I don't want to lose her eyes.
Afterall, she still means so much to me.
And Jacob pointed out through it all she still wears her smile!



Kathy said...

She is smiling, Jacob's right, she has been through a lot, but she is still here smiling, I like your Raggedy Ann. Kathy.

Rue said...

Awwww.... poor Raggedy Ann! She's been through so much, but she's a real trooper. Have you read the story of Brownie on my blog? Stuffed things go through so much.

rue :)

Smilingsal said...

I'll bet her heart still says, "I love you."

jerseygirl211 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. To refresh your memory, you said you were looking forward to seeing my Koi Pond. Because of a stream of house guests, I haven't taken the time to take any good pictures, I would like to introduce you to all of our 'fish family some day. LOL

Your story about Raggedy Ann, is understood by me. I bought an 'Annie', as we called her, for our daughter, and I guess she is the same age as yours. I think she still has it, I'll have to ask. I even made Raggedy Ann & Andy cookie jars, which I'll post on my blog for you to see. I made Antique looking Raggady A&A lamps, when the kids were little, but when they outgrew them, I lent them to a girlfriend, who had a baby but I never got them back.:( She sold them at a garage sale along with our basinett, that I treasured, and took such good care of, wanting to pass it on down for our grandchildren. I never thought she'd do such a thing, I had lent it to other girlfriends also. We all listed our children's names and birth dates on the bottom of it. I even went so far as to make RA&A Halloween costumes for our oldest Son & Daughter one year, they won first place in their age group. I don't have the picture handy, but if I come across it, I'll be sure to let you know and post it.

Now, what I wanted to tell you, before I got so winded, your doll can be fixed. No, it won't have the same monetary value, but I don't think that's what you want, maybe I'm wrong. And the repaired parts can be tea dyed so that it has that aged look. Hope this was of some help to you.

Hugs to you and Raggedy Ann

'D' @ 'D's DayDreams

Shelia said...

Aw, how very sweet. Little Raggedy Ann is one little tough cookie! She is so proud you've kept her all these years and she feels the love - I can see it in her little face! Thanks for popping in to see me!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow the poor sweet girl has been through a LOT...and the years are showing a bit....which I guess could be said about most of us too! I'd hate to think my loved ones will toss me away when I get old and raggedy. It's good she still has a special place in your heart and home.

ceekay said...

I think she has even more character with the tears and rips! I can relate!

A Hint of Home said...

She's taken a lickin' but she's still tickin. Sweet story.

Charlotte said...

Poor little doll. What a shame. I'm sure you don't love her any less though - maybe even more.

Carla said...

Poor baby! You and the doll! I had the same doll-I had chewed off her hands-so mom trimmed them back to the elbows-mom replaced her hair with orange yarn-and my mom's dog scratched her face off. Huge gashes including the eyes. I never fixed her-I hope you can yours! {oh by the way, I decided last year that our for our grandchildren's 1yo Christmas they needed Raggy Ann or Andy dolls-my mom needlepointed their intials on one foot-I also bought two for the girls I watch-they play with them daily. Raggy Ann lives on!}

Kathy said...

Ann looks well loved! She's still awfully sweet...Kathy

Anonymous said...

I could feel the hurt and the love you have for this dolly. My daughter too had a raggedy ann doll I wonder what became of her.

Wanita said...

Poor Raggedy Ann! Although she's been through some rough times, she's still sweet.

Carrie said...

How wonderful that you still have your childhood doll!

daisy said...

Oh, my gosh. That is so cool that you still have her after all of that.

And how sweet is it that your brother sewed her other foot back on. It probably wasn't very fun at the time, but now...what a great memory.

I always wanted a Raggedy Ann & Andy doll when I was little. The big ones, that were about twenty some inches tall, not the little bitty ones.

And sock monkeys were the other thing I always wanted. I guess those are still popular too. Not that they have anything to do with Raggedy Ann, but I'm always going off on a tangent.

You have the most interesting playlist. I usually just pause them when I come across one because I have my own music playing, but I let yours play. I love a little Stevie Ray Vaughn, but Sonny Landreth is new to me. Thanks for sharing!

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

I love Raggedy Ann! She looks like she's stuck with you through thick and thin!