Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pics of the Patio - will update the rest of the post tomorrow

With all  the discussion of using bricks for a patio,   I wanted to share with you how we incorporated brick with stained concrete for our patio.   We stamped large maple leaves here and there in the wet cement.  They turned out soooo cool.   I will repost better pictures tomorrow.  These snaps were taken at dusk.  The cushions were already removed from the patio furniture and the umbrella was already placed in the garage.   

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yep, A Few More Shots of My Garden

Wow! A Gardenia!

I purchased this Gardenia plant from our local gardening store.  I know it's not really for our zone.  I am zone 4a.   
It was loaded with buds.   About 3/4 of the buds fell off.  I threatened the poor thing. I told it I was going to take it back to  the store if it didn't do something soon.   The next day this flower appeared.   How about that! 

     It's not a very clear picture, for that  I apologize, but it was the final shot before my camera  batteries died.   Hopefully, more blooms are on the way.  


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hmmmm! A Little Bit Shady.......

One half of the yard is sunny, well okay, about  one third of the yard is sunny and the rest is dappled or full shade.   This  is what has succeeded so far.  It has morphed and changed with the trees.  It doesn't help that my neighbor has also planted trees right next to mine on her side of the fence.  Why?  I don't know.   Don't get me started on her fence.   It was fresh for the first year, but a decade later -  it definitely is STALE!   Not to mention the mulch that she places in her yard year after year.  Eucalyptus mulch.  On top of her previous years mulch.  Ten years of mulch.  Knee deep mulch.   Mildew smelling mulch.   Mulch that has eucalyptus oils in it to keep the weeds at
 bay?  The same "oils?" that leech into my soil and mutate my vegetation.   (Along with pool water that accidently gets pumped into my yard once in a while - well not yet this year. My fingers are crossed.   I actually like my neighbors so I shouldn't sound so crabby. And I hope they are not reading this....?)  Well, nothing wants to grow next to the fence anymore.  It all moves about a foot away.   Can you blame it?   I replaced the soil and amended it a few years back.   Things are trying to come back.  
     I planted a few  Endless Summer hydrangeas and they are not blooming.   Tootsie addressed this on her blog TootsieTime.   I should really move them to a more dappled shady spot.   I've never transplanted anything so large so I am kinda afraid to do it, and you know,  I am happy that something  is actually growing in that location.   However, my Annabelle's are beautiful this year!   A wreath is definitely in the plans for this year!
 Do you think that I planted the hostas too close together?   If I  move them apart  a bit, do you think it would be okay or will I harm them?


     I planted Anise Hyssop seeds from the plants on the other side of the yard and they seem to thrive over here, too.   They will be invasive.  I know that because they are a member of the mint family.  But I feel that that is okay because they are green and pretty!

     Near my patio I at first tried to get ferns of various types to grow.   I think that they didn't care for the ph of the soil.   A few have thrived - well really just persevered.   Poor babies.   But the Snow-on-the-mountain likes it!   It spead and filled in nicely!   I have a few hostas tucked in the space that I need to move out,  because they don't get the recognition they deserve.


Hoping to hear your opinions soon,   

Friday, July 25, 2008

Buzz On Over to My Garden

                          Buzz on over to my garden.  It's mid-July and the garden is just about at it's peak!   Wow, I love how all the flowers have merged together.   It is really pretty when I look out my dining room and porch windows.  It's definitely not your classic "English Cottage Garden".   I know it contains all the common fair.   However, the flowers are not separated, they are co-mingled.  I am not a fan of mulch.  I hate the color.  The only mulch I could possibly be interested in is the black mulch.   I want the plants to drop their seeds.  I want the flowers to spread.   Bring it on.  I thin them out.  It is hard to do.  I love them all.   It's even hard to chose flowers for bouquets.   I transplant them when I can.
My absolute favorite are Oxeye Daisies.  Jacob picked a few for me from a field near our home.   He dried them out and planted the seeds last fall.   I have the most beautiful daisies.   This year he is harvesting the seeds from the deadheads.  I also throw some spent flower heads back into the garden.  I have several varieties of Mondarda "Beebalm".   We have the bright pink that again came from the "wild" so I can't share it's name with you.   I have the red "Jacob Cline" (I love the name...), and a bright lavendar.   I have the "False Sunflowers" Heliopsis.   They just keep on blooming and blooming all the way 'til fall.   Of course, I have the Echinacea Purple coneflowers.  I have a few varieties.  I have to hurry to gather a few of their seeds before the finches tear it apart.  Another plant the goldfinches can't resist is the Anise Hyssop.   My dog loves it, too.  Jacob introduced it to  him a few years back.  He will mosey back to the garden and help himself to a leaf or two.  It tastes like black licorice.   They are a member of the mint family, so I don't need to tell you that it can get out of control.  Right now that is okay with me, because I have a large space that I like to keep filled.  They transplant nicely.  I even moved them to a shade area of my yard and they are going strong.   The companion plant in this  photo is called Soapwort.  It is also known as Bouncing Bet.  It gets that rep from the fact that it moves about the garden.  It spreads by rhizomes.   I have an abundance of it.  It all started with one tiny little plant from the Farmer's Market.   They bloom profusely.  It is sweet.   Even the dried seed pods are pretty in the fall.   I am glad that I  have discovered it.  It really is cute.   

The plant in the second photo is Spiderwort.  The cute little flowers only bloom in the morning.   I have two varieties -  a darker purple and a brighter blue.  Interspersed throughout the garden are my Dad's favorite.  The Dahlia.  We plant the tubers in the spring.   I know that you can pinch off the "suckers", however as stated before I just can't bear myself to do it.  I love all the flowers great and small.   I don't care for the dinner-plate sized heads in my application.   I had a neighbor that grew the prettiest dinner-plate sized heads, but he had them in a large separate garden all clustered together it was gorgeous! 

I'll wrap this up by showing you the view from my windows, and tomorrow I'll share with you my shady garden and my patio.   Ta Ta!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pan Light Pendant

I wanted you to see this wonderful Pan Light Pendant that was created by my 14 year old son.   He has it hanging in his workshop over his workbench.   If you would like one of these lights you can contact me by leaving a comment.   


Monday, July 14, 2008

A few Views of My Garden!

It's Dahlia Time!   Grampa  is the dahlia fan and patiently awaits their arrival.   I know that if you want larger blooms you need to remove the "suckers".   We don't do that,  I love all the flowers great and small.   

Bee there or Bee Square.....I found this cute Bee at a craft sale a few years back.   He guards the Coneflowers, Oxeye Daisies, Scarlet Runner Beans, and the Bee Balm, of course!

This little Sweetie angelically watches over the Hens & Chicks.   Isn't it odd that I don't have any chicks?   I have a cousin that "needed just  a few".   This little angel isn't telling, but I think 
I had a visitor...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Miles, my Miniature Schnauzer.   I know, I know he doesn't look very miniature, but he can't help it.   His little legs just 
kept growing and growing.......

But let me tell you, he is the SWEETEST dog!    
     And he is such a