Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

Welcome to Pink Saturday!
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I wanted to share with you
these adorable 
little egg cups.

They had them displayed 
White Bear Antiques.

I am keeping my eye on them....
They start out at $30.00 each.
They are displayed 
in a locked case.
So I didn't get to read 
the markings.

Well, we survived 
our last snowstorm
of February.
A quick 6 inches
that blew in sideways.
A total white-out!

My Dad had an appointment
at his cardiologist's office
right at the onset of the storm.

They thought it would be 
a great idea for him to wear
a Holter Monitor
for 24 hours.

His first hour
consisted of power shopping 
through Costco with me.
And his second 
was trekking through 
the  absolute white-out.
We did manage to 
make it home

It will be interesting to see
if any of those things
had an effect on his heartbeat.

Jacob had a field trip
to an engineering college.
They weren't sure if it was
going to be called off or not -
of course, they went.
I had to worry about him
traveling on the freeway with 
a school bus driver......

He texted me that he was 
going to get back to school late, 
and he would need to be 
picked up.  

I thought well,
as long as we are out,
I might as well 
run to Target.

We decided Sloppy Joes 
would be great for supper.
I had hamburger thawing,
I just needed the buns.
And of course, they 
go great with Tator Tots.

Then Jacob wanted 
an ice cream cone
(snowstorm and all....)
a Neopolitan sugar cone,
no less.

What the heck, throw it in the cart.
Then I needed chocolate.
M & M's were handy.

Pop was on sale
and $93.00 later - 
we had our buns.

I guess somedays that is just 
the way it goes.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Foodie Friday! Taco Pie

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When it's a long day at work
@ I need a quick supper
I just throw this together.

T-A-C-O   P-I-E!

Brown 1 lb of hamburger, use taco seasonings according to package directions. Meanwhile
preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Pat refrigerated crescent rolls into a pie plate to form a crust.

Crush Tostitoes, Fritoes, or Doritoes into a layer on the bottom of the crust.

Sprinkle shredded cheese such as mild cheddar over the crushed chips.

Place the taco meat into the pie plate.

Frost  the meat with 8 0z. of sour cream.

Cover over the sour cream with more crushed chips.

Top it off with  additional shredded cheese. Then bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Serve with sour cream. shredded lettuce, tomatoes,
black olives, Salsa
whatever you usually have with your tacos.

It's even better the next day !



Sunday, February 22, 2009


Blue Monday!
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Blue Monday fun!

While at work the other day,
I looked down at my feet
 and went OMGosh
my white shoes are pathetic!

So this weekend Jacob  and I 
went to the mall 
and  here are the shoes 
I  bought!

Not only are they  white,
but they are fun,
comfy, and they will
match all the colors of
my scrubs.
I'm excited.

Of course, 
we can't go shopping 
without stopping for lunch.....

filled the bill.
It must have been our lucky day!
They were having a special.

I, for one am going to miss
Circuit City. 
How about you?

I always received very friendly 
customer service.  I felt  the sales staff
was knowledgeable,  I always
got a deal.  Sometimes too good
to be true.  
That is probably why they 
have gone down in flames.

But we popped in to their 
Going Out of Business Sale
and I got  a new camera.

I've had my eye on this baby
for a long long time.
I have a Minolta Maxxum 7 camera,
an autofocus  SLR with interchangeable lenses.
Well, the lenses from that camera
are compatible with this camera body.

I can't believe the deal I got on it.
I was quoted  $525.00 
for the camera body and a lens.
Which was $225.00 off!  
I said "SOLD"!

I tossed in a new camera bag,
and a Compact Flash card .

Well, you know that Jacob couldn't
leave the store without something....
So he threw in some gear 
for his xBox and  a new 
guitar for his Rockband.

Then we waited in the very long  line
for the only cashier.

When we finally checked out
I paid $500.00!!!
Who am I to complain????
I said "Are you sure?"
He said he was!
With a very big smile!
We left the store and
 I rechecked my receipt.

I paid $6.00 for my camera bag,
$10.00 for the CF card,
$59.00 for the xBox junk, 
and only $425.00 for the camera!

I am going to miss Circuit City.


Friday, February 20, 2009

PINK SATURDAY! & We Have A Winner!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Thanks to 
for hosting 
this fun event.

Again, I went antiquing with Jacob
for more geiger counter action.
(See previous posts, if you have any questions)
I figured I would just snap a few
shots of some pretty pink dishes.
However, I may have to go back 
for these.
When I blew up the picture to 
read the price tag
It said "FREE"
with  purchase!

This set was marked American Heritage
and each plate was $5.25.

I don't know why 
I didn't buy this bowl.
It was only $35.00.
Does anybody know
anything about it?
I think that it is very pretty.

Now on to our serious  business!

We Have A Winner!

All comments were numbered.
If you were a follower 
you had a 
second chance....

Jacob used the Bingo Cage
to randomly choose
our winning number.

B - 11!
Everybody hold your cards,
we have a winner....
B-11, yep
it's good!

The winner is

 Your package will
be shipped out

Thanks for the great
100th post  fun!

Robyn & Jacob

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Foodie Friday! Eclair Escapades!

Welcome to Gollum's
Very First
Foodie Friday!

Jacob had a hankerin'
Chocolate Eclairs!

The recipe we chose 
was from 

As you know,
A lot of the preparation
is done on the stovetop.

We started with the 
custard filling so we could allow
it to cool.

(Sorry about this pic)

Next we assembled our 
ingredients for the actual pastries.

We modified Gale's recipe 
just a bit
 for the pastry.
Instead of water we used milk.

Boil the milk, butter,
sugar, etc.
add the flour
and stir until it pulls away 
from the pan.

Put back on the heat for about 30 seconds
just to cook the starchy taste out of the flour.

Instantly, put the dough
 into bowl of your Kitchen-Aid mixer.
On medium speed add eggs,
one at a time until all are incorporated.

We piped them onto a 
parchment lined sheet pan.
Then popped them 
into the oven.

Try very hard 
not to open the oven
until they are done!

Jacob piped in the custard.

We prepared a chocolate ganache glaze.

I think that next time we
would let the ganache 
thicken a little bit more.....

But it was awfully hard to wait.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

My Pink Saturday 100th Post Give-A-Way!

What a fun
Pink Saturday Today!
Not only is it
Valentine's Day
but it's my
100th Post!
you know what that means...

It's time for my first Give-A-Way!

You know that Jacob has been hard 
at work creating the perfect gift.

Ever since he was a little boy
Jacob wanted to be
an Electrician.

With all of the knowledge that he
has accumulated over the years
I think that all he needs
is his license!

He has wired his log cabin, my shed,
placed lights in my garage.
Put the  recessed can lights 
in our kitchen,
 replaced outlets and switches.
He even makes lamps.

He has created this
Antique Ball Jar Lamp
just for you!

The fun part of the Ball jar lamp
is that you can fill it
with anything  that you want!
Just like these  cute
Pink Conversation Hearts, 
or how  about
Jelly Beans....

or you can even leave it empty.

I love the look of the antique blue/green glass.
The jars were manufactured   by 
the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Co.
from 1923 to 1933.

They used to be easy to come by
but around these parts
the jars are becoming scarce.
Especially the zinc caps.

Jacob and I travelled to many 
Antique stores to gather  the parts!

The lamps are the perfect size 
to place on your kitchen  counter, 
bathroom vanity, sewing room, 
or craft room.

I think this lampshade goes with
the color of the glass perfectly!

Here is a close-up of the dangly, little hearts.

This lamp was handcrafted by Jacob. 
Please click here to visit  his website.

Now not only will you receive this darling
Antique Ball Jar lamp
but you will also 
receive these sweet adorable
baby chicks!

Just leave a comment on this post
and you will be entered
to win.  
If you are a follower you will be entered twice!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  

I cannot express the gratitude that I have
 for each and every one of you.  
This blog is the first thing I do  in the morning,
 and the last thing I do before I go to bed.
I cherish each and every comment.

I never expected anyone to be interested
in anything that I have to say.

I live a simple life with my son Jacob.
It is fun to share with you 
the things that we do together.

I love to read about your lives and your families.
I have learned so much, received delicious recipes,
great decorating tips, and feel like I have made many friends.
We have shared many laughs and tears.
Thanks for making me a part of your life.

Don't forget to visit 
for the rest of the 
Pink Saturday Fun!
Happy Valentines Day!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today's Blue Monday 
will be a 
field trip
to IKEA!
Our nearest Ikea is in Bloomington, MN
near the 
Mall of America!

Grab a big yellow shopping bag
and  a trolley cart.

Don't forget your pencil, 
order form
 and tape measure.
I thought that this chair was cute.
It comes in several 
different slipcovers and it is 
only $229.00.
This tray table folds flat
and it is only $89.00.

Showrooms are set up throughtout 
the store.
It was so crowded today
that it was hard 
to photograph them.

These chandies would be cute 
in a sweet girls room, 
as well as,
the following dresser.
I would prefer this yellow dresser in my room.

It's cute even inside the drawer.
I thought I uploaded a better picture 
of it.  It's also available in red.
I like it's blue companion, too.
(Fitting for Blue Monday.)
The yellow poster bed was 
on SALE for $99.00!
You could get this table to match, too.

How about this lamp on the side table?
I don't think so....
Sometimes IKEA has some pretty
weird stuff.

Before the cafeteria you walked through the
Children's area. 
It is furniture 
my favorite
I would have loved these toys.
Especially the dishes!
Real china, real glassware, 
real cookware 
and real silverware!

Now it's time for

You could order the 
Swedish Meatballs,
but not us,
we're too fussy.
We'll stick with
the Chicken Fingers & Fries.
Jacob did try the 
Ligonberry Juice though.
It reminded him
cranberry juice.

We topped it off with this deliciously
rich chocolate cake.

Now we move on to our favorite department...

It was hard to contain myself.

These plates were only 50¢ each.

Guess who?

and the Oscar goes to....
or is it a mummy?
(I see dead people????)

A little Choklad before we go?

I 'd rather have a Nut Goodie
or a
Salted Nut Roll
made right here 
in our own
St. Paul, Minnesota!

Happy Blue Monday!
for other
Blue Monday fun!