Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blue Monday!

Saturday was an iffy day. The skies were overcast.
It poured rain in the early morning hours.
The weatherman predicted that it would clear up by One.
We had planned this event for weeks. It was postponed
once already due to rain.
We decided - What the Heck!
Let's go for it!

We planned to cruise on the St. Croix River
for the afternoon.
My friend Mary & her husband Gundy
own a nice little houseboat
in a slip at the Sunnyside Marina.
Located in Stillwater, Minnesota.

This is the historic lift bridge.
It is very controversial right now -
with all of the bridge issues
we've had of late in Minnesota.
There have been plans to replace this bridge
for many years.
However, the Sierra Club has their concerns,
and each state MN & WI have their concerns
over the budget.
I digress. Let's just get on with the cruise!

If you enlarge this pic you will see that a wedding
is taking place on the waterfront.
Stillwater is a cute little town,
with fun little shops and many restaurants.
(It even boasted a few famous residents.
Jessica Lange and Sam Shepherd.)

Our boat didn't have to wait for the lift bridge to rise.
We just squeaked by underneath...

Here is another shot of the lift bridge's pulleys.
Jacob thought you would like to see this.
We didn't stick around long enough for me
to get a pic of it rising. Maybe next time....

However, I thought you might like to see
some of the homes
that dot the river bluffs,

or maybe a speedboat zipping by....

This home belongs to the owner of....
Anderson Windows.

And I was told that this is his daughter's home.

With my gift of gab - I set the camera down
and didn't get all of the shots I should have
for you - Like pix of our gracious hosts,
and their boat, and many of the guests,
and the wonderful buffet that Mary prepared for us.

Please join me in sharing Blue Monday
with another gracious host,
She's just a click away.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Short & Sweet: Foodie & Fertilizer Friday

Today's contribution is going to be
just like me....

Short & Sweet.

I had to work today...
I know what you're thinking,
But it's Friday - and you don't work on Fridays.
Well, we still haven't hired a new Assistant
so it's just me, and patients were scheduled,
so what can I do?

Needless to say, dinner was Culver's.
Jacob found this cute little heart
in his package of cheese curds
and he gave it to me.
I just love him so.

Today is also Fertilizer Friday.
Notice I watered my herbs.....
Look at all the new healthy growth, Tootsie.

And as predicted - the Tiger Lily has bloomed!

And once again, Miles posed for the camera.
He really did. He noticed my camera, then mosied
over to the flowers and waited for me to take his pic.
So I have to show him - because I think he loves
his new found celebrity.

Well, I am off to visit Gollum
for more Foodie Friday goodness.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Three or More!!!

Out in the Sunporch
I have a tiny little collection.
A collection I started many years ago.
As you know,
Jacob loves the Antique Stores
& Flea Markets.
It gave me something to look for
while he was looking for
"his junk".
I created rules for this collection.
Only metal - not glass.
They all had to be different -
if at all possible.
& I couldn't spend more than $5.00.
And I could only buy 1 at a time.
Then they became popular.
They were featured in Country Living,
Country Home & BH&G's magazines.
Then the prices shot up...

It's my Flower Frog Collection.

I have 3 or more of the cage-type,
and 3 or more of the pin-type...
and a whole lot more in the jar behind.
Visit Tam
to see more
really neat collections.

Jacob added a little color to the garden
with a few of his blue-green insulators.

And this hydrangea
has a bit of blue poking through, Sally!
See more blue by clicking here.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Share a Garden Sunday

I ran out between the raindrops
to capture pictures of the garden.
I want to share them with you,
because today is
with Artie.

This is Sven or is it Lena?
I forget.
It is a shrub rose that was developed
by Bailey's Nursery in
collaboration with the
University of Minnesota.
It is supposed to be a heartier variety
to withstand our winter months
without any fuss or muss.

Remember the next few shots
were taken during cloudy, rainy skies.
Not a peek of sunshine.
Look at this weeks "Grow" sign.
It's almost buried in foliage.

The Sage is blooming perfectly,
the Spiderwort is hiding....

The Tiger Lilies look like
they will be blooming soon.
Maybe even by next Sunday!!!

Notice the raindrops beading up on the leaves
of this Lady's Mantle -
just like quicksilver.

Looky here - I'm going to have me some tomatoes!!!!

The Scarlet Runner Beans
actually survived the Bunnies...
(Keep your fingers crossed.)

I'm going to have lots & lots of Stella D'Oro's!!!

The Little Bit Shady Garden....

To round up this "rainy day" tour
You can see that this Annabelle Hydrangea
is going gangbusters this year.
I see a wreath in my future!

Let's check out more Gardens...


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pink Saturday!

Beverly's hosting another

Look at these cute file folders.
My desktop is stylin'!
Thanks to Jacob for creating these for me!
If you love them as much as I do,
I am willing to share.
Go ahead and help yourself.
If you have a Mac
All you need to do
is click & drag it to your desktop!

There are just a few steps
you need to follow
to change out the icons -
Just click here for
the Mac instructions,
click here for
the PC instructions.

This afternoon I'll be spending my day
@ the
Back to The Fifties car show.
It's held @ our
Minnesota State Fair Grounds.

I understand
it's one of the most popular car shows
in the US of A!
Sometimes we even
attract Jay Leno!

Maybe we'll see him there.
I'll let you know.


Friday, June 19, 2009


Enjoy some delicious cool cherries.
I planned on baking a pie or tart
but they were gone before I knew it.

Meanwhile, we placed some ribs on the grill.
I used a dry rub this time.
Just a little smoked paprika, onion & garlic powder,
sugar, S&P, and Oregano...No real recipe -
just what tasted good as I added it.

I wish you could smell these - Mmmmm!
I supposed the sugar caramelized just a bit...
(But that is my favorite part.)

I couldn't pass up a good party!
Marty is hosting the
First Ever Cloche Party!!!

Here is the cloche
Out in the Sunporch....

This one was from PB.

This one is in the livingroom...
and it was from (guess where...)

This one holds my precious little wren nest & eggs.

Remember these from Gerten's Greenhouse?

We tried to make our own.....
With tomato cages and chicken wire.

What do you think?
Did they turn out okay?

The lamium are in full bloom!
It was even hard to get a
good pic of them -
they're just glowing!

Even clovers look cute in this insulator vase.


That's where I'm headed!!!!