Sunday, June 21, 2009

Share a Garden Sunday

I ran out between the raindrops
to capture pictures of the garden.
I want to share them with you,
because today is
with Artie.

This is Sven or is it Lena?
I forget.
It is a shrub rose that was developed
by Bailey's Nursery in
collaboration with the
University of Minnesota.
It is supposed to be a heartier variety
to withstand our winter months
without any fuss or muss.

Remember the next few shots
were taken during cloudy, rainy skies.
Not a peek of sunshine.
Look at this weeks "Grow" sign.
It's almost buried in foliage.

The Sage is blooming perfectly,
the Spiderwort is hiding....

The Tiger Lilies look like
they will be blooming soon.
Maybe even by next Sunday!!!

Notice the raindrops beading up on the leaves
of this Lady's Mantle -
just like quicksilver.

Looky here - I'm going to have me some tomatoes!!!!

The Scarlet Runner Beans
actually survived the Bunnies...
(Keep your fingers crossed.)

I'm going to have lots & lots of Stella D'Oro's!!!

The Little Bit Shady Garden....

To round up this "rainy day" tour
You can see that this Annabelle Hydrangea
is going gangbusters this year.
I see a wreath in my future!

Let's check out more Gardens...



Mrs. B. Silly said...

You're a great gardener and a dedicated blogger to catch a lull in the weather to get your Sunday garden post pics! Great job on both!!!!

niartist said...

Oh look at how beautiful it all is Robyn! My tiger lilies don't have their little buds yet - I'm hoping the slugs leave them alone - they've got a taste for my asiatics. YRGH! Thanks for participating in SAGS, as always - you never disappoint! :)

Libby Murphy said...

Great photographs of a beautiful garden that has obviously been nurtured by you. Isn't it exciting to see the seeds grow, the plants bloom, and the veggies and fruit appear.
Happy Twirls

ChrisC said...

Love your garden and your photos are fantastic.Love the water droplets!

Peg @ Bloomfield Farm said...

Wonderful photography... I especially like the rain on the lady's mantle. It is also interesting to see the difference in our blooming season. The stellas are in full bloom here and my lilies have already come and gone. This week is very hot... in the 90's.

Donna Marie said...

Robyn!! Your Garden looks terrific!

Donna Marie

bj said...

This is all just beautiful, Robyn. Even the rain makes them look great..

salmagundi said...

I must check out the Annabelle Hydrangea - if it grows there, I bet it would grow in Colorado. I'm looking for a hearty hydrangea. Thanks for sharing your garden today. Sally

Sue said...

Robyn, Even in the dark and the rain, your pictures capture the effort that you have put into your garden. I love the tiny raindrops on the Lady's mantle. If and when I ever get the inside of my house back into shape, I want to try my hand at gardening, even if it just a patch on the side of the yard. Thanks for sharing your garden. :-) Sue

Mary said...

I love the way a garden looks just after a rain. Your photos are truly lovely. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Lori E said...

We have a lot of the same plants. My garden always looks its best after a good rain. Washes away all the dust.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I love to see rain drops on flowers. It just looks so fresh and beautiful. Everthing looks so healthy and pretty in your garden. laurie

Fifi Flowers said...

Beautiful garden photos... love be out in the garden!