Monday, June 22, 2009

Three or More!!!

Out in the Sunporch
I have a tiny little collection.
A collection I started many years ago.
As you know,
Jacob loves the Antique Stores
& Flea Markets.
It gave me something to look for
while he was looking for
"his junk".
I created rules for this collection.
Only metal - not glass.
They all had to be different -
if at all possible.
& I couldn't spend more than $5.00.
And I could only buy 1 at a time.
Then they became popular.
They were featured in Country Living,
Country Home & BH&G's magazines.
Then the prices shot up...

It's my Flower Frog Collection.

I have 3 or more of the cage-type,
and 3 or more of the pin-type...
and a whole lot more in the jar behind.
Visit Tam
to see more
really neat collections.

Jacob added a little color to the garden
with a few of his blue-green insulators.

And this hydrangea
has a bit of blue poking through, Sally!
See more blue by clicking here.



bj said...

Oh, I dearly love flower frogs and you have some mighty pretty ones. i only have one and it's, * But I can change my ways and start looking for only metal!! lol
And, sweetie, we eat cho. chips by the bag fulls around daughter keeps a can of frosting in her fridge..when she is hungry for something sweet, just one tiny spoonfull satisfies her sweet tooth. And she stays so so tiny. looks like a model, even at 40.
hugs, bj

Smilingsal said...

I love blue hydrangeas! I wonder if they grow in Tampa. I'll have to ask. Happy Blue Monday.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

I have never heard of flower frogs before! How every interesting! This is why I'm so hooked on blogging now. I'm introduced to so many new and different things.

Thanks for sharing!


Shelia said...

Hi Robyn! Oh, what a neat collection of flower frogs! I love them! I like the insulators too! I had a few and through the years they just disappeared! I always appreciate your visits!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

Robin!!! I love your collection.. I have never seen flower frogs before.

I love your Hydrangeas! I love Hydrangeas! They are sooo beautiful!

Donna Marie

Lori E said...

Hey does your husband have any purple or yellow insulators. I recall hearing they were very rare and valuable.

Mary said...

Oh, I LOVE all your flower frogs! there is something about the color, the patina, the wires... they are just very pleasing to look at. :)

salmagundi said...

I have a couple of the pin-type flower holders that were my mother's. I love the cage-type, and now must look for them when I'm out junk hunting. Nice post. Sally

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Beautiful hydrangeas you have there, Robyn! It's one of my favorite flowering plants.

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)

Kim said...

I love your flower frog collection. I don't have any, but would love to find one. But now they are too much for my pocketbook (even $5.00 would be too much right now I'm afraid). You are lucky to have found yours before they became so popular. And I love the insulators, they remind me of my dad. He worked for the phone company & would bring them home all the time when we were kids. Do you think I have a one of them now? Nope. Sure wish I did.

Terry said...

Howdy Robyn
Oh my how wonderful are all the precious flower frogs.
I rememeber when you could find them cheap and then wow the prices soared out of sight .
Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous collection.
Thanks for the idea on what to do with Hubbys boxes of insulators :)
I don't know why I never thought to add them to the flower beds ,but I will let hubby put out a few now that I know how cool they look !
Thank you sweet lady.
Happy Trails

Barb said...

Nice frog collection.They seem to be hard to find any more.

Barbara jean

dana said...

I LOVE your frogs and insulators!!! I think I only have one metal frog--and SOMEWHERE, I have a couple of glass ones.

Your garden pictures are so nice!! dana

Lisa said...

I've never seen the tree frogs very cool;) Love the Hydrangeas they are gorgeous!! Hugs French;)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What neat flower frogs! They really have become collectibles.

My hydrangeas are just vbeginning to bloom -- they loved all the rain we,ve been having. Yours are pretty!

Shelia said...

Thanks for popping in to see me, Robyn! I love that little animated cartoon Schnauzer on your side bar! Chloe Dawn does too! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

♥Mimi♥ said...

Those are so cool! Isn't it fun to collect unusual items that most folks don't even think about? And, yes, all that has to happen is for an idea to hit a magazine article and the cost goes up...sigh☺

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I can't believe I missed this post, I love flower frogs! We're going to an antique show on Saturday and I'm hoping to find one. Your collection is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Flower frogs are great collectibles because they are so useful.The colors in this post are so eye catching. Lovely hydrangea.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Robin, I love your flower frogs! I have some of the pin type, but I don't have any of the cage ones. I'm going to have to be on the lookout for some (now that they've increased in price!). Weren't you smart to start collecting them before they became so popular. laurie

niartist said...

Hey Robyn, I picked one of these up once from a tagsale, that you're more than welcome to. (The flower frog I mean). I'll try to find it and take a photo - see what you think. :)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Your flower frog collection is just wonderful. I too have a small one started. I usually sell more than I keep. Thanks for playing along with guessing my new adventure, Theresa