Monday, December 29, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday!

Welcome to Tablescape Tuesday!
This is the setting that I used for our Christmas Eve dinner.

This was the final setting...

I tried this first....

Here is the top view.
The plates and bowls are from Pottery Barn.
I also have the plates in tan, 
which works well with this tablecloth, too.
I'm saving them for a future post....

I also have the salad plates.

This goblet is really special.
(Jacob and I ate an awful lot of Arby's to get them.)
I liked the star-shaped pattern on it.

The flatware is Oneida.   
I like the simplicity of it.

The tablecloth is my Mom's.
(She may never get it back. Sorry Mom.)  
It is one of my favorites.
It fits my table beautifully.
She bought it at an estate sale.

Here is a close-up of one of the corners.

for the rest of the table scape fun!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

~ Frosty the Cheeseball ~

Here is a fun treat for New Year's Eve!

A yummy little cheeseball ALMOST too cute to eat.

2 -  80z. packages of cream cheese - softened
minced garlic to taste - I usually use two toes
optional - minced onion to taste
About  2 cups grated monterey jack cheese 
and white sharp cheddar cheese
raisins for eyes, buttons
carrot tip or sliver of cheddar cheese for nose
ribbon or fruit snack for scarf
rye breads for hat

In the bowl of mixer blend softened cream cheese 
(put aside about 1 tablespoon for hat)
add minced garlic and onion
add about 1/2 cup of combined cheeses
place cheese mixture in saran wrap and place 
in the freezer for 30 minutes.
Remove from freezer and form into snowballs
Roll balls into remaining grated cheeses
stack and secure with a skewer
I cut the hat out of the mini deli ryebreads
with my measuring cups and a small paring knife.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a Merry Christmas It Was....& Pink Saturday!

Cookies were baked.

Thumbprints are my brother's favorite!

Jacob's is fudge.  Notice the cute little walnut heart....

Presents were wrapped. 
Do good things
come in small packages?

Dinner was prepared.
I can't show you any of it being served
because it didn't last long....
This salad is like the
Olive Garden Salad.

The lasagna is a 45 year family tradition.
Garlic toast was also served
as well as a lovely
Olive sampler platter.
Which did not get photographed.

The table was set.
(Nobody would let me take their 
picture for the blog....)
The tablecloth is my Mom's.
The plates and bowls 
are from 
The Pottery Barn.
(Gollum, I forgot to place my chocolates 
on everybody's plates....I found the bag of 
candy when I was searching for the
items to fill Jacob's Christmas sock - which I 
couldn't find this year - oy!  Now I have a 
dozen Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark candy bars 
here tempting me.  I'll have to bring them to
work , etc.

The dessert has a story behind it.
It is from Cafe Latte' 
of Grand Avenue, St. Paul.
Another dentist gave it to Dr. K as a gift,
it was delivered late Tuesday afternoon.
We had a flaming toothache arrive at 6 PM
Tuesday evening and we worked 
late into Tuesday night.....
Out of guilt for keeping me from my
Christmas eve preparations
Dr. K gave me the cake! 
I at first refused, but he insisted....
It was absolutely delicious - 
It's called the Tres Leches Cake. Mmmm!

The search was on for the pickle....
(Megan was behind the tree).

Megan won the $2 bill!
And the free gift with purchase
from Macy's perfume counter.....:)
It was a tote bag.

Presents were opened and opened.
Pictures were not taken.  

I received a new MacBook!
And so did Jacob!
Gramma & Grampa 
were very generous this year!
Thanks Mom & Dad!

(I hope my brother isn't reading this.)

My brother received 
wonderful gifts as well.

Everyone got involved with Jacob's 
Rockband game.  Have you guys 
played that?  It is so much fun.
You get to release your inner  R o c k s t a r!
Jacob's game room is in the lowest basement
level of my 5 level home where only
  teenagers usually hang out.
Yikes!   The room is a disaster area!
(He actually cleaned it for the holiday - he claimed.)

The next day his friend came over 
to play the new video games
and they stayed up - almost all night!
The next morning I made them breakfast.....

A Dutch Baby Panakukan.

The skies were a beautiful shade of pink.
You know the saying - 
Red Skies at Night,
A Sailor's Delight!
Our temperature right now is
a balmy 38 degrees.
It is very foggy.
I hope you enjoyed this 
tiny spot of pink
for our Pink Saturday.
to visit all of the other
Pink Saturday Fun!



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visits With Santa on this Pink Saturday!

Here are a few shots of my brother and me visiting Santa!
I believe that this would be 1965.

I was so proud that my coat matched Santa's
this was 1968!

Look we're both handless!

This is my brother,  I added this because it is just 
plain cute!

Hope you are having a Happy Pink Saturday!

To join in on the Pink Saturday Fun

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Finally Found It!

I Found It!

This guy hangs out on the front door.   Welcoming all....

I found him completely by accident. 
 I actually was looking for the 
Spritz cookie press.

Which I did find, by the way....NOT where it belongs,
I stumbled upon that, too.

Here are a few winter touches to the foyer....

More to come tomorrow......

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Family Room with Homespun Holiday Cheer

Homespun touches, handknit stockings, collections of stars and candle bobbins 
add to the warmth of my family room.

A closer view of the fireplace mantel.

Yes,  (can you believe it),  I knit the Christmas socks.   Miles was a very 
good boy - Santa will be good to him this year.

I wanted you to see a close-up of this garland. It's most unique.
It appears as if it was crafted from metal castings....
It really sparkles in the glow from the candlelight.

Our little Snowman Family.  

Felted pillows.

I finally remembered,  gee, I should light a fire in the fireplace.

Here is a peek at the whole fireplace and shelves.
As you can see, I am a down-home kind of girl. 
I like things solid looking and  home-made. 
A lot of furnishings and decor in my home
were crafted by family members.