Saturday, May 30, 2009


is a 
Very Special
Pink Saturday!

Pink Saturday 
One Year Old Today!

all of her hard work 
and organization.
(Hey Beverly, I bet you never dreamt
that it would escalate to this magnitude!   Did you?)

It sure has turned out to be  a great way
to make the World Wide Web 
a much smaller space.

(If this is your photo and you want me to remove it, I will just let me know...)

I'll pour you a Diet Coke and we'll have a slice of cake
while we browse all of today's special Pink Saturday Posts.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday!

Yeah! It's Wednesday Already!
That means it's Thyme for 
Outdoor Wednesday!
If you visit Susan
You will see lots of 
Pretty flowers and some really
interesting Outdoor Posts!

I am always so relieved 
when I see that my precious
little Chicks & Hens survived another winter!

Here's the progress of my sunny side garden.
I've got the Dahlia tubers planted,
Jacob scattered more Oxeye Daisy seeds,
I replanted some Cleome's and Red Salvia Bonfire,
in hopes that the bunnies will leave it be -
Cross your fingers....
(I haven't replanted the Cosmos yet....)
I keep reminding myself -
it's still May! Coneflowers are just poking their
little heads threw the soil, as well as, the Bee Balm.

Last Monday, Jacob and I went to one of my
favorite Ma & Pop greenhouses 
that pops up out of the grocery store's parking lot every spring.
The poor little quonset hut was mauled down
by a person having a medical emergency.
Thank goodness, everyone survived.
However, I think that the place was possessed.
They re-built and restocked. So we thought we better
visit to give them a helping hand.
I picked out a big box of flowers for my patio pots.
I placed them on the check-out counter.
We walked away to fill out yet another box.
(Mind you - NO ONE was at the counter....)
The first box flung itself onto the ground.
Then the box full of plants  that I was holding,
jumped out of my hands!
Plants were on the ground.
Do-do-do-do ( Think Twilight zone)
No plants were harmed during this episode.

The salesclerk ran to the box near the counter
and she yelled that she couldn't believe that happened.
We bought our plants and brought them home - 
only to drop a box-full on the patio!

Poor little things!  We planted them instantly!

We'll give you an update on their progress
Next Wednesday!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Blue Monday!

It's Blue Monday!

Since "Dr. Rude" declared 
that I am a Fatso,
I probably should lose a few pounds.
But we won't tell him that.

I have started watching 
my diet.
(It's going to be very hard,
because I love to cook & bake.)

But eating really wasn't that much 
of a problem for me.
I usually have a Lean Cuisine for lunch
and a pretty decent dinner.
It's exercise that I lack.

I've had my eye on an Electra Bike
for quite some time.
Look at this little beauty!
Wouldn't I look great 
tooling around on this?

This bike is  from the 
Amsterdam Collection.
It's the Alexander Girard 3i
In the 
"Tree of Life" white finish.

Isn't it the cutest thing?

After visiting my releative's gravesites
at Fort Snelling, 
Jacob and I are off 
in search of it tomorrow.
I'm sure we'll be popping into Cheapo's
to check out their vinyl LP selection, too.

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Have a nice Memorial Day!
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Pink Saturday!

Today's Pink Saturday
is awfully special to me!

This is a picture 
of my

This sweet picture of my Gramma
(wearing her pretty little pink corsage)
was taken at my Aunt Janet's wedding in 1965.

There were not many pictures taken of her.
We all savour each  & every one.  
My Aunt Janet was looking at her wedding album
the other day and she found this picture.
Jacob scanned it for us.  It is a bit blurry
because we couldn't remove it from 
it's album.  (It was  one of those with the sticky 

My Gramma was the mother
 to 10 children.  
My Mom was the baby of her family.
(To say she was/is spoiled by all 
would be an understatement.)

My Gramma was loved by all.
Everybody from the old neighborhood
all called her "Ma".

She had 26 Grandchildren.
And of course, I was one of her favorites!
I was with her every chance I could get.

Our Gramma started a family picnic in 1970.
She wanted to make sure that no one lost  touch
throughout the years...
So every year for the past 39 years
we have held our picnic.

It is always the Sunday of Memorial Weekend
at Central Park.  No matter what.
No matter the weather....
We stood outside wearing mittens,
or bikinis...we huddled together in hailstorms
and tornado sirens.
Just last year we had another tornado warning.
Instead of seeking shelter, the nuts with the
new pick-ups pulled them under the park pavilion 
so they wouldn't get hail damage....

Gramma passed away in 1972,
she would be proud that her tradition 
is still going strong.
She was the best cook
and many of her recipes still carry-0n.
Janet will make her baked beans,
my Mom will make the potato salad,
I  attempt to re-create her Poppyseed Roll.
Among many, many others....

With 4 Sisters and 1 brother remaining,
26 Grandchildren and 35 Great-grandchildren
and numerous Great-great grandchildren  
the tradition continues....


PS:  Don't forget to visit 
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Pink Saturday Blog Roll!

Thanks Beverly!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Miles loves Outdoor Wednesday!

He loves to help me plant flowers and herbs.
He patiently waits for me to take 
the new little "plant-ling" (is that a word?)  
or should I call it 
"the little $3.99  3-1/2"  potted herb
that's not on sale - ever...."
so I bought just a few,
a little of this and a little of that
and $45.00 later.....
Miles can enjoy grabbing 
that empty container and running full speed
around the yard.

Today was 90+ degrees!  
I am "one of those people" that are the 
first to put on shorts,
but have no business wearing them in public.

But you know,  I am 46 and I just don't give a Rat's Aster
what people think anymore.   
If I'm hot, gosh darn it, I'm gonna wear shorts.

My doctor referred me to a Rheumatologist -   
a few weeks ago.  It seems like right after my 46th birthday,
I started falling apart.  Or actually, I felt like I was run over 
by a Mack Truck.

My whole body hurt everywhere.   Especially my hands.
You know I need my hands for work,  and for blogging...
Anyway,  it took 3 weeks to get into the Specialty Clinic
and the doctor that I was assigned turned out to be 
the Biggest Jerk.
For 45 minutes of the one  hour  appointment
I got raked over the coals for my BMI.  
How it wouldn't pay for him to treat my joints
because I would just have a heart attack and die
THEN he proceeds to read my chart... oh yeah,
well your blood pressure is okay,  well you're just 
going to be a diabetic anyway, oh well, I guess not - 
but I'm sure your diet is terrible,  yeah, I see that your 
Cholesterol numbers are good.   
Oh yeah, your sediment rate is kind of high.
Well, if you lost some weight you'd feel better.
Let me see your joints....
yeah, they are swollen,  Hmmm, your knee is grating.
Here's a list of physical therapists.  Make an appointment
with one and learn how to exercise.
Don't come back here until you lose some weight,
start with 5 pounds.
Yeah, you have some type of arthritis....
I just can't tell you what type it is - it's 
not Rheumatoid or Lupus.
I can tell him what type -
Psoriatic.  I told him that at the beginning
of my appointment.  
It runs in my family.  My Mom has it, her sister-my Aunt,
 and my cousin.  In our family,  we get the arthritis first
and the psoriasis about a decade later.
My cousin was only in her 20's when she was afflicted.
She went to the Mayo Clinic for her diagnosis.
Only 3% of the population develop the arthritis first.
He didn't want to hear about it.....
But I sure do know, that he rides his bike to  work 
everyday, and he races his bike on weekends,
and he swims daily, and etc.  
I received my bill for his appointment today.
Everybody I talked to about this wanted to know why
I just sat there and took this.  Why I didn't walk out.
I don't know.  I sure do know that it's going to kill me
to pay for this abuse!   
Besides, I think I gained another 5 pounds -  
just because.

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 she has the list
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Outdoor Wednesday offerings!
And she's real nice, too!


Saturday, May 16, 2009


Happy Pink Saturday!
I'm off to the 
again today!!!!!

I have more herbs to buy
(thyme, spicy globe basil, curly parsley, rosemary, marjoram)

I think I have decided to go with
Red, White & Blue Petunias
in the front porch planter this year.

I already received Red Geraniums 
for Mother's Day,  so I'll stick with the theme.

The flat of 60 Cosmos that I planted last  weekend
fed the large bunnies well this past week.
Only a handful are remaining.  

The Scarlet Bean seeds that sprouted
are goners, too.

Jacob will have to set up the live trap today!!!!!
For the Bunny relocation program...


Friday, May 15, 2009

Foodie Friday - TrainwreckS

I know what you're thinking...
How can this simple box 
of Brownie Mix
(not just any brownie mix
but Duncan Hines - the best you can get)
become a trainwreck?
Well....I can explain.....

You know that my back is quite sore,
and I really needed, I mean needed 
So, I know that Aleve is not mind-altering,
at least I hope not, (or I should not be 
held responsible for any task that
I  may have completed at all this past week)
Well, maybe if I took about 15 
of them in one day... they me be 
I attempted to make brownies.
I wanted the chewy ones,
I added the eggs, the oil, then I added
1-1/4 cup of water.  What a doofus!
It was brownie soup!
I thought I could salvage it by adding 
more dry ingredients, flour and cocoa powder.
Then I added milk chocolate chips 
for more sweetness.
The batter thickened up nicely.
Right? Not!

Although, this looks delicious,
It is in reality a chocolate-y frosted 
Disguised as a brownie!
At least it's chocolate.

Our Dear Gollum
more trainwrecks.

As a side note, our hygenist Tara 
pulled me aside and gave me a really intense
backrub today and I think she cured me!
I took a total of 3 Aleve today
and I feel like I am back to the land of the living!

I may even get a decent night's sleep tonight!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just look at Miles...
He' s looking at me with that look,
like "Did I do that?"
Yep. You did.  Just look at my lawn.
I think somebody had too many 
Beggin' Strips this winter....

Actually, they are starting to fill in nicely.
And Miles just had a spiffy new trim.
I'd take a new picture,

If anybody has any tips,
or pointers, 
or remedies please let me know!!!!!!

I was vacuuming at work
(our whole office in 7 minutes flat....)
and when I went to lift the vac into the supply closet
I felt a tingle in my spine.
I didn't think too much of it,
but as the night progressed -
so did the pain. 
I can hardly get off my chair
to put weight on my legs!

I am popping Aleve like candy.
I just took 4....
It will be a fun day at work tomorrow.

I can't take the day off,
we already have our receptionist 
taking off for a cortisone shot
for her frozen shoulder,
and a Hygenist leaving 
for another appointment.
(We're all getting old....)
So I'm cleaning kids teeth tomorrow.....

Since this is 
Outdoor Wednesday
I think that  
would like me to get to my 
Outdoor contribution.
This is my Garden as of last Saturday.
It's greening up by leaps & bounds!
I'm excited.
I'm also zone 4 
so hang in there guys
it will be at it's peak 

If it isn't ripped out of the ground first.
We are currently experiencing
30 mph winds!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blue Monday & MET MONDAY!

Okay, Let me gloat a little bit...
This is what I received as 
Mother's Day Present!
This pretty new umbrella!

It was supposed to be a simple surprise!
Just a quick swap-out 
from last years 7 foot
to this year's 9 footer.

But of course, 
the pole diameter
had to be a smidgeon bigger.
So Grampa had to help
fit the pipe into the table 
and the stand.

But it was a glorious surprise afterall,
because I wasn't thinking about
an Umbrella at all -  yet this year.
(Remember I'm 40-something and I have no memory...)
Last year I looked all over for a nice 
fresh and bright Umbrella
only to find drab, dull & plain.
How sweet of Jacob to remember!
Grampa & Gramma 
to help him out....

Me and my Mom had a very nice day.
Filled with flowers, and fun
and food.

for Blue Monday
for Met Monday


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pink Saturday Visit to the Greenhouse!

Yea! It's Greenhouse Time!
I couldn't wait to share 
this with you guys.
Shhh! I even let Jacob skip school
so that he could come along.
(Don't tell anyone - 
he had a headache afterall.
And with this H1N1 Swine Flu scare 
and all - he probably should stay home- LOL)

This is one of  my all time favorites - 
The heart-shaped Ivy.

This is  (a little bit of) what I brought home...
(How did this picture get out of sequence???)

This is a hint - I'd like this for Mother's Day...

I see Jacob and Grampa are discussing it...
(Hey Guys, I don't see the box being placed on the cart.)

I thought I better post some pink flowers,
afterall it is Pink Saturday!

Don't you just love this cloche 
the cute lily of the valley inside?

How about these????

I thought of Sally and Aaron and DaisyRae and 
all of you Doxie lovers when I saw this - too cute!

More  G. Wolff tera cotta.  
I just love it.

How could you choose?

Did you know that Paula has her own  line
of peanuts and BBQ seasonings?

There's Always Thyme for....

Usually these little purses are made from gum wrappers...
but this is from flower seed packets, etc.

Can you imagine the Tablescape 
with these cute little gems?

Here's another Mother's Day hint - 
This birdbath is awfully cute!
(Hint- Hint!)
I told Jacob that he could make these for me.....

The afternoon ended with this rainbow!

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for the list of 
Pink Saturday participants.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!