Saturday, May 16, 2009


Happy Pink Saturday!
I'm off to the 
again today!!!!!

I have more herbs to buy
(thyme, spicy globe basil, curly parsley, rosemary, marjoram)

I think I have decided to go with
Red, White & Blue Petunias
in the front porch planter this year.

I already received Red Geraniums 
for Mother's Day,  so I'll stick with the theme.

The flat of 60 Cosmos that I planted last  weekend
fed the large bunnies well this past week.
Only a handful are remaining.  

The Scarlet Bean seeds that sprouted
are goners, too.

Jacob will have to set up the live trap today!!!!!
For the Bunny relocation program...



♥Mimi♥ said...

What a wonderful blog post for Pink Saturday! It's windy and raining here in Upper Michigan today, so this is a breath of spring for me☺

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine and the j♥y of being surrounded by those you l♥ve.

See you next week!

The Bloom Girls said...

How can something so cute and furry be so destructive? I love you plan for a bunny relocation program. We have a problem with deer on the family farm and could definitely use a relocation program for them.

I love the r/w/b combination for your patriotic!

Have a wonderful weekend!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

your gardening plans sound lovely, herbs and flowers all so lovely

hope your hungry bunny finds a new home :)

~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Happy planting and have a great weekend.


Virginia said...

The beauty of herbs and flowers another sweet blessings from our Creator.
Happy Pink Saturday!!

Elizabeth said...

I bet your cosmos will come back. Just cut off the heads as they die and scrape them into the ground to re-seed.

xinex said...

Sorry about the cosmos, Robyn. But I am sure your garden will be stunning soon!...Christine

Marie Reed said...

Red, white, and blue sounds gorgeous! How wonderfully flowery and patriotic !

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the visit!I wouldn't trade the last minutes I had with my mother for anything in the world.

I really miss your blog and all of your yummy recipes.

Donna Marie

PS What's Jacob have planned for the summer?

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Oh, all that work to feed the bunnies! Best of luck on the replant.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I hope you found lots of lovely things at the nursery. Your comment about planting Dahlia tubers really reminded me of the dinner plate sized beauties that my grandmother grew in Canada. Be sure and post photos. Hope the Bunny RP works!

Our Back Porch said...

I love growing herbs! Sounds like the bunnies are well fed at your house. lol Gotta love those furry little critters.

Back Porch Blessings,

Mama said...

Sounds like you are stocking up on some yummy herbs and flowers Robyn, hope Jacob sorts the bunnies out. Red, white and blue works for us too, lol. Kathy.

Rue said...

Hi Robyn :)

I'm sorry about the bunny issues. They are cute though ;)

We're having another cold snap right now and then it's supposed to be in the 80s this week. The weather this year is so odd!

Have a great Monday :)

Cathy said...

Your local bunnies had a feast. Love the red, white and blue combo. That's what I use in my pots also.

nikkicrumpet said...

OH MAN....those blasted bunnies!! As expensive as flowers are nowadays...that is one very expensive bunny lunch! I hope you have good luck relocating the little buggers so your flowers can grow!

Fifi Flowers said...

Sounds like you will be doing a lot of gardening... FUN... ENJOY!!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

So frustrating to have the wildlife eat what you have planted! Hope the live traps work. laurie

Anonymous said...

Good morning, happy belated pink Saturday. Still making my rounds from Beverly's list. I read and enjoyed your recent posts, your whole blog is lovely!

My post today is on wildlife too - but it isn't so cute...


A Hint of Home said...

Sounds like you'll be busy with planting! Your garden sounds wonderful.

Deanna said...

Hi Robyn,
sorry about your Cosmos and the Scarlet beans..I have no green thumb so having dead plants is not new to!

I had to say that I loved the picture of Miles...I laughed and laughed!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
Deanna :D