Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pink Saturday

Another Beautiful Fall
Pink Saturday!

Although the calendar
has declared
it's fall...

My Garden
has chosen to ignore that.

Even the geraniums
in the front planter
are growing strong!

I should be taking advantage
and go for a walk...
But instead I think
I will visit
and all of us other
Pink Saturday Pals!

Have a Nice Day!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It's good to be back
in front of the computer.
I have so much to tell you,
where should I begin?

Well, I am sure that you've heard
the news. I have joined the masses
of the unemployed. I think that I will
take a little time to kick back and
enjoy my freedom for a few months.
I made the mistake of looking at some
colleges and universities online.
My phone has been ringing off the hook
with offers.
I am totally undecided in what
I would like "to be
when I grow up...."
All I know, is that it won't
be in a small office again.
I need job security and benefits.

Meanwhile, my Mom needs some medical attention.
So it's a good thing
that I am available to take care of her.
Have any of you ever experienced
Cellulitis in your shins?
It's not pretty or fun....
I really feel for her.

The Minnesota State Fair was up and running
for it's full 12 days.
Certainly, Jacob and I couldn't miss that!
Neither could anyone else,
for that matter.
It boasted record attendance.
Almost 2 million visitors this year.
Me and about 160,000 (on average)
of my closest friends a day
were confined to a 320 acre plot.
More about that later this week.

Cousin Jay from Orlando
couldn't miss the fair -
On our "Off-Day" we hosted a BBQ -
Brats and such...Stay tuned -
I'll post that on Foodie Friday!

Jacob went back to school
on the 9th of September.
All I have been hearing is
"Did I tell you how much I hate school..."
(But I think he secretly likes it -
at least the socialization part...)
I really miss having him around here
during the day.
And I'm not thrilled with the
homework battle that ensues each night.

After that, my Uncle Larry & Aunt Betty
from North Carolina came for a visit.
So it was a week of BBQ's, family reunions,
re-visiting old neighborhoods,
and Yahtzee!

Oh, and Jacob has tried
to help curtail our Bunny problem
by installing an electric fence
around the flowers.....
But as you can see - the littlest of bunnies
just shimmy underneath
and eat to their hearts content.
Oh well....


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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pink Saturday - The Minnesota State Fair Edition

Just a few little
Pink Saturday
tidbits from the fair.

I'll be back in action
next week
when all of my company leaves
and the dust settles....

See Ya,


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