Sunday, March 29, 2009


Welcome to 
Blue Monday!
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This post will be
short & sweet. 

Here is that 
yummy cheesecake
Jacob picked out 
Trader Joe's.

We topped it off with some fresh blackberries....

It didn't last long.

Wish I could say that for winter...
Tomorrow we are in
for another snowstorm.

Happy Blue Monday!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Pink Saturday!

Welcome to Pink Saturday!

Have you ever shopped
Room Service Home?

It's an online catalog
that has a lot of my
favorite things.

Today I am going
to share with you
a few of their
Pink offerings!

How about this lamp for all of us bunny lovers?

What's not to love?

Be sure to check out all of the 
other pink Saturday fun

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How Sweet the Sound!



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Foodie Friday! Fresh Spring Pasta Salad

It's Foodie Friday!

I couldn't wait
to share 
this recipe with you!

It's a very
Springy & Fresh
Pasta Salad....

Julienne  Asparagus, a Red Onion, a Yellow & Orange Pepper
into 2 inch sticks.  
I make them about the same size as Penne Pasta.
Put the asparagus aside to blanch.
Meanwhile, grill 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts 
with  S&P, Italian seasonings and Minced Garlic.

Boil the Penne to al Dente.  
The last minute -  I toss in the asparagus to blanch.

Add a palm full of Italian Seasonings, Salt & Pepper & Minced Garlic. 

Now for the Secret Ingredient...
 (besides love) 
Girard's White Balsamic
Salad Dressing.


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It seems like only 

8 weeks


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Outdoor Wednesday fun!


Friday, March 20, 2009


As part of my 
Spring Break
I took a little excursion
outside of my
"5 Mile Comfort Zone".

I drove.

My cousin Jody and Jacob
went along to keep me company.

Our first stop 
was an antique mall in Albertville.

Then on to the Premium Outlet Mall.
I could spend all day there.

I won't bore you with all of the details...
I'll just show you  a few of 
my Favorites from
Coach Store!

We went on the right day...
50% off throughout!

On our return we stopped at
the Trader Joe's
in Maple Grove.
Jacob picked out 
a few of his favorites, too.

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Pink Saturday Fun!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foodie Friday! S*P*R*I*N*G B*R*E*A*K S*T*Y*L*E

is supposed to be about
Trainwrecks & Bloopers.
I don't have enough 
room in this post to show you guys  all of that....

We'll get on to that in a moment.
But before we begin,
I am just so  excited - I have to show 
you guys this.....

I received my package in the mail last Friday afternoon!
My trusty assistant opened it for me!!!
Remember I won that really cool cake stand 
from our own very Dear Gollum!

My Mom and I spent Saturday afternoon
baking a Banana Cake
to help show off this beauty!

Notice how pretty it looks when you look down on it.

Doesn't it look pretty from the side?

I got the recipe for this cake from Tastespotting.
If you want it - click here.
I will tell you that I added more banana.
It called for 1 cup of mashed banana and I added 
about a half cup more.
It also calls for lots of pecans
but I used walnuts.  
I'll admit here is my blooper - 
I only had about a cup in my freezer - oops!
My Dad thought it was delish!
But that doesn't say much-
He likes everything I bake.
Afterall, I am the apple of his eye.
But yes, it really was a good cake.
Very moist.  It has a cream cheese frosting 
and you can never go wrong with that!

For St. Patty's Day 
I thought I would try the 
Italian Sandwiches
posted on a previous 
Foodie Friday Potluck.
You know, the one where you add
a jar of pepperonchinis 
to a chuck roast and put it in the crock pot.
But, I can't leave a recipe alone.
I added a diced onion and garlic toes.
Also a palm of Italian Seasonings.
They were DELISH!
Very distinct pepperonchini taste,
but the aftertaste leaves you wanting more!
I had some leftover and they
were actually better the next day!
I served them on crusty rolls with
provolone cheese.

Jacob prepared these stylin' little snacks for me
the other day before we went to Cheapo Records.
Jacob got a turntable a while back
and is now infatuated with albums.
So we spent hours pouring over 
the new & used stacks of
Rock & Roll!
Boy, did that bring back memories!

We scarfed down the cake in a big hurry 
and the cookie jar was empty - so we had 
to bake some Oatmeal Craisin Walnut cookies.

And one last thing - 
I have to share this because.....

I Love you guys!


Monday, March 16, 2009


It's a Blue Monday!
Jacob and I 
are on
S*P*R*I*N*G    B*R*E*A*K  

Friday afternoon
we strolled through
Como Park Conservatory.

The following picture is 
the only one I got of the interior.....
As you can  tell - 
the battery  died!

Saturday we ventured
outside my 5 mile comfort zone
to the first 
in our St. Paul area.

We ordered the burgers & tots.....

and of course the Limeaids
they always advertise.
I must say, they were
very refreshing!
AND we had our first 50 degree day
this year - 
it really made it feel like SPRING!

Jacob concluded that it was just okay.
He would've rather had a Culver's.

To have more 
Blue Monday Fun


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pink Saturday Sweet Tooth!

Enjoy a cupcake
as you 

These are not the prettiest cupcakes I've ever made.
That's what I get for cheating.
I used canned frosting - 
which was too soft
to hold it's shape.

The peaks kept slumping.
The swirls flattened out,
Hopefully the sprinkles
distract from most of the mishaps.

But I can tell you
mishaps and all
they didn't last long
Apparently boys aren't
bothered by that sort of thing....


Friday, March 13, 2009

Foodie Friday! Better Later then Never!!!

Sorry I'm late 
But I'm Bringing 
Something Special
for this
Very Special
St. Patrick's Day
Potluck Party!

On my way home
from an unusual
Friday Dental Emergency - 
Yep, I had to work today ....
I zipped through
the Drive-Thru
and picked up....

You guessed it
the most sought-after
hard to find
McDonald's Triple Thick
Shamrock Shakes!

Don't forget to bring 
something to 
Our Sweet Gollum's
Foodie Friday!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows, etc.

Join in the fun!

I made this pillow several years ago.
Each little button is sewn 
on by hand.....With Love!

This little fella hopped on over to this chair
in my foyer.   I made a few of them 
out of an old white quilt.
With Love.....of course!

This  one likes in the porch.
He stopped by to munch 
on the flowers.
I guess he wasn't made with love.
(Ooops! He didn't get a label.)

While we're at it,
Let's check out the pillows
in the porch.

This furniture from The Pottery Barn
comes in a white duck twill.
That'll never do in my house -
we're not careful enough.
I recovered them a while back.
Mr. Rabbit wanted to check out
the Lilacs, I guess.

This cute pillow was from Ikea!

The pillows below are really
a celery or more of an
apple green.

This snowman pillow
likes to greet our guests
in the foyer.
He actually could have stayed put today.
We are having a snowstorm right now!

Here's a close-up of his smile!
He was made with love, too.

Let's move into the family room.
This monogrammed pillow 
was from Homegoods.

As well as, these pillows on this end of the couch.

Here is a close-up of the fabric.
They are from The Sak.
The fabric is the same as their handbags.  
I love the texture.

On the loveseat on the other side
of the coffee table, 
I added the little snowman.
I bought him a few years 
ago from Target.

That wraps up 
Pillow Parade!

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