Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foodie Friday! S*P*R*I*N*G B*R*E*A*K S*T*Y*L*E

is supposed to be about
Trainwrecks & Bloopers.
I don't have enough 
room in this post to show you guys  all of that....

We'll get on to that in a moment.
But before we begin,
I am just so  excited - I have to show 
you guys this.....

I received my package in the mail last Friday afternoon!
My trusty assistant opened it for me!!!
Remember I won that really cool cake stand 
from our own very Dear Gollum!

My Mom and I spent Saturday afternoon
baking a Banana Cake
to help show off this beauty!

Notice how pretty it looks when you look down on it.

Doesn't it look pretty from the side?

I got the recipe for this cake from Tastespotting.
If you want it - click here.
I will tell you that I added more banana.
It called for 1 cup of mashed banana and I added 
about a half cup more.
It also calls for lots of pecans
but I used walnuts.  
I'll admit here is my blooper - 
I only had about a cup in my freezer - oops!
My Dad thought it was delish!
But that doesn't say much-
He likes everything I bake.
Afterall, I am the apple of his eye.
But yes, it really was a good cake.
Very moist.  It has a cream cheese frosting 
and you can never go wrong with that!

For St. Patty's Day 
I thought I would try the 
Italian Sandwiches
posted on a previous 
Foodie Friday Potluck.
You know, the one where you add
a jar of pepperonchinis 
to a chuck roast and put it in the crock pot.
But, I can't leave a recipe alone.
I added a diced onion and garlic toes.
Also a palm of Italian Seasonings.
They were DELISH!
Very distinct pepperonchini taste,
but the aftertaste leaves you wanting more!
I had some leftover and they
were actually better the next day!
I served them on crusty rolls with
provolone cheese.

Jacob prepared these stylin' little snacks for me
the other day before we went to Cheapo Records.
Jacob got a turntable a while back
and is now infatuated with albums.
So we spent hours pouring over 
the new & used stacks of
Rock & Roll!
Boy, did that bring back memories!

We scarfed down the cake in a big hurry 
and the cookie jar was empty - so we had 
to bake some Oatmeal Craisin Walnut cookies.

And one last thing - 
I have to share this because.....

I Love you guys!



Mrs. B. Silly said...

Awww, I like Jacob's crackers and the heart potato chip! Happy Foodie Friday!

Chandy said...

Robyn, I opened yours a few hours ago, and I love it all! Actually, we all love it, the lamp is just so cool! My daughter is a cowgirl at heart so with her requested Horse dinnerware and your goodies, she helped me come up with a great tablescape centerpiece! Thanks!

Btw, I love that chip, so cool! All of your food is yummy and yes, that cake stand is a beaut!

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

The banana cake looks and sounds delicious...going to have to try it! Cake stand is wonderful!


Deb said...

what a yummy post, love the cake stand

susan said...

What a fun post and what a busy girl you are!

Stacey said...

Hi Robyn! I'm just dying over that banana cake. I bet it's dense and moist and very wonderfully fattening!

I tried that chuck roast recipe last week too!! We absolutely loved it. My package of roast was huge so I have some of it in the freezer now. That's a bonus.

Smilingsal said...

List that potato chip on eBay!

I love that cake stand; it's unique.

Gollum said...

Oh, I'm so happy the stand arrived. Your banana cake looks out of this world delicious. I love how you tinker with recipes...that is when cooking is truly enjoyable. Love Jacob's Crackers and the cookies, too.

Raggedy Girl said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful recipes. And the cake stand is really sweet and I love how it looks.

Have A Fantastic Friday
from A Raggedy Roberta Anne

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Robyn
The banana cake looks like a winner recipe and looks so pretty on the cake stand!

My husband and I still have all our records form the 60's and 7o's --I would never part with them!
We did convert most of them to MP3 do we can listen to them on our IPODs though. :)

Have a great weekend!

Shirley said...

Your cake sounds really good...I love the stand.

Maybe you can sell the chip on Ebay. Didn't someone sell one that looked like Jesus or somebody for thousands of dollars?

Kristi said...

Your cake looks so yummy and perfect on your cake stand!!

bj said...

All of this looks just delicious..and the cake stand is to die for. You did it proud with your pretty Banana Cake, too!!
I laughed when I read Smiling Sally's comment to put the chip for sale on Ebay. I remember someone put an half eaten cheese sandwich on there because they said it had a pic of the Virgin Mary on the toast.....CRAZY!!

"Blossom" said...

That cake looks awesome; and the stand just sets it off so beatuifully. Yes, that story puts us in stitches every time I tell it. thanks, for stopping by.

Happy To Be said...

Love the cake stand girl...but will tell you I loved tha cake more..great potatoe chip...Happy Foodie Friday to you ...hugs and smiles Gloria

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh my! I want it ALL! YUM!

salmagundi said...

Sounds like spring break has been full of great food. I want one of those sandwiches right now - I don't want to make one, just eat one!!!! Have a great weekend. Sally

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

R, you sure do know how to make a girl hungry. Everything looked so yummy. I love the cake stand. Thanks for coming by while I was gone.

Cass said...

Cute post! Yes that cake stand is adorable. . . and the snack crackers are darling. Cass

Tootsie said... I'm hungry.
good thing supper's almost done....

Mama said...

Hi Robyn, your Banana cake looks perfect on the cake stand you won over at Gollums and soooooo delicious, you and jacob have been very busy with lovely results and the heart chip is so cute, Happy Foodie Friday and Happy weekend, Kathy.

Nancy Jane said...

You've done justice to the lovely cake stand with that banana cake! We still have all of our 'records'. My husband is transfering them to CD's on a machine he got for Christmas. Hope Jacob has as much fun with his turntable as we used to have! Nancy

prof en retraite said...

What a completely yummy post...everything from appetizers to dessert! The cake looks so pretty on Gollum's cake stand! Have a great weekend...Debbie

nikkicrumpet said...

YUMMMY all that good food and a heart shaped chip too! The cake stand is beautiful...what a fun prize!