Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a Merry Christmas It Was....& Pink Saturday!

Cookies were baked.

Thumbprints are my brother's favorite!

Jacob's is fudge.  Notice the cute little walnut heart....

Presents were wrapped. 
Do good things
come in small packages?

Dinner was prepared.
I can't show you any of it being served
because it didn't last long....
This salad is like the
Olive Garden Salad.

The lasagna is a 45 year family tradition.
Garlic toast was also served
as well as a lovely
Olive sampler platter.
Which did not get photographed.

The table was set.
(Nobody would let me take their 
picture for the blog....)
The tablecloth is my Mom's.
The plates and bowls 
are from 
The Pottery Barn.
(Gollum, I forgot to place my chocolates 
on everybody's plates....I found the bag of 
candy when I was searching for the
items to fill Jacob's Christmas sock - which I 
couldn't find this year - oy!  Now I have a 
dozen Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark candy bars 
here tempting me.  I'll have to bring them to
work , etc.

The dessert has a story behind it.
It is from Cafe Latte' 
of Grand Avenue, St. Paul.
Another dentist gave it to Dr. K as a gift,
it was delivered late Tuesday afternoon.
We had a flaming toothache arrive at 6 PM
Tuesday evening and we worked 
late into Tuesday night.....
Out of guilt for keeping me from my
Christmas eve preparations
Dr. K gave me the cake! 
I at first refused, but he insisted....
It was absolutely delicious - 
It's called the Tres Leches Cake. Mmmm!

The search was on for the pickle....
(Megan was behind the tree).

Megan won the $2 bill!
And the free gift with purchase
from Macy's perfume counter.....:)
It was a tote bag.

Presents were opened and opened.
Pictures were not taken.  

I received a new MacBook!
And so did Jacob!
Gramma & Grampa 
were very generous this year!
Thanks Mom & Dad!

(I hope my brother isn't reading this.)

My brother received 
wonderful gifts as well.

Everyone got involved with Jacob's 
Rockband game.  Have you guys 
played that?  It is so much fun.
You get to release your inner  R o c k s t a r!
Jacob's game room is in the lowest basement
level of my 5 level home where only
  teenagers usually hang out.
Yikes!   The room is a disaster area!
(He actually cleaned it for the holiday - he claimed.)

The next day his friend came over 
to play the new video games
and they stayed up - almost all night!
The next morning I made them breakfast.....

A Dutch Baby Panakukan.

The skies were a beautiful shade of pink.
You know the saying - 
Red Skies at Night,
A Sailor's Delight!
Our temperature right now is
a balmy 38 degrees.
It is very foggy.
I hope you enjoyed this 
tiny spot of pink
for our Pink Saturday.
to visit all of the other
Pink Saturday Fun!




Susan said...

Yum.... I need to stop looking at blogs late at night because I get hungry!

Looks like all had a great day!

Happy To Be said...

Oh you looked like you has a blast girl...all those goodies are making me hungry again..and I bet I eat a pound of fudge this Christmas..made peppermint fudge oh big mistake...loved the way you had your gifts wrapped..hugs and smiles Gloria

White Iris Designs said...

Looks like you had a Wonderful Christmas...your sky was beautiful shades of pink!
Happy New Year!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Happy Pink Saturday Robyn, your treats all look delicious..makes me want to get in the kitchen and do some more baking..:-) Looks like Santa was very good to you and yours.. I hope you have the best Pink Saturday..hugs ~lynne~

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Robyn.

Everything looks beautiful and delicious. We have lasagna for Christmas dinner, too.

onlymehere said...

What a fun holiday. I see that you're an amazing cook! That's a talent I truly wish I had but sadly I don't cook well. It's passable though and we don't starve. I do have to ask about the pickle though. I don't understand, maybe I missed a blog about it? It sounds fun though.

Bo said...

Hi Robyn...Your Christmas pics were fun and I'm sure a great time was had by all...especially Jacob! We had all better get his autograph now though before he becomes a rich & famous rock star!
Happy New Year, ;-) bo

Connie said...

Oooooh, be still my heart, chocolate candy.......squeeeeeeeeal!!! I adore it, chickee.

Howeverrrrrr, I have 3 Macs also and that is a cult only we can belong to!!!! I just love them. Aren't they wonderful?! I have used them for 20 years now.......

Nice to meet you, sweetpea!

suesueb said...

thanks for sharing all the wonderful Christmas love and food! that breakfast cake? looks delicious!! happy pink saturday and new year!

erin said...

What a lovely, love filled holiday you enjoyed. Makes me feel cozy just looking at it! Happy Holidays and Pink Saturday! E.

Gollum said...

Hi, Robyn--these goodies are lipsmacking!

shaybert said...

Lovely post. Made me hungry. I too love looking out at the dawn or sunset when the sky is beautifully colored by God. sigh Thank you for visiting my place today! Happy Pink Saturday! Blessings, Shay

She'sSewPretty said...

What a fun post! Those cookies look delicious! My sons have Rock Band. I don't think they like my singing because they haven't asked me to sing since the last time I "tried". LOL
Have a happy Pink Saturday and a wonderful New Year!!

Sweetie said...

Thanks for sharing your family's Christmas. I would like to express my appreciation to you for your sympathy over the sudden passing of my husband. I should be back to blogging by the middle of next week.
With love,

dana said...

Every thing looked perfect for that Christmas meal! The lasagne made my mouth water!!!
I enjoyed all of your great pictures and text--that pink sky was beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year and a great Pink Saturday!!! Dana

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hi Robyn! What a wonderful blog you have here!!! Great uplifting post! A joy to visit!


jeanne said...

Robyn, your post is absolutely a delight. I can see your Christmas was everything you would imagine it could be. Just a gorgeous sky to top it off. Thank you for sharing your family and lovey food and cookies.


Shelia said...

Evening, Robyn! You have been one busy gal! I love looking at all the wonderful food you've prepared. I see two of my all time favorites - chocolate fudge and lasagna! I'm wishing you and your lovely family a very Happy New Year!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

What a wonderful Christmas you had ...lots of memories were made....and your cookies look fabulous...
Mo :-)

Smilingsal said...

Hello Robyn!
Everything looks so yummy and wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday.

I am waiting for you to send me your address.

smilingsal55 AT yahoo DOT com

Tootsie said...

my butt would grow at your house! have a great new year's...I can't is all up hill from here for least I found a friend like you in 2008! for that I am so grateful

jerseygirl211 said...

The cookies look wonderful, I sent all of mine home to our kids/grandkids. It was so nice for you and your son having family on Christmas. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.


Joy said...

What a great spread you had!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn, just saw you dropped by and I wanted to thank you. I always see you at different places I visit. I'm going to add you to my blog list, so I can keep up with you. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. And that food, OMG, it looks incredible. Yummo.


ksarra said...

Hi Robyn, your treats look YUMMY, and I'm sooo happy that your Christmas was a good one. Hope the coming year is FILLED with blessings for you!

Victoria @ Auction Girl Vintage said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Robyn, everything looks fab!

We have lasagna on Christmas Eve, and this year my 22 year old son made it, since he makes the best sauce of anyone in this house filled with gourmands and cooks. I'm going to be putting some foodie pics online in the next day or so, with holiday yummies as well as a lot of the fun foods we saw, cooked, and/or ate in Canada earlier this month.

I'd love to have your Panakukan recipe, if you have the time to share. It looks delightfully delicious!

Happy New Year hugs from Victoria

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Robyn, Those cookies look so yummy, but my favorite was the lasagne pan the same exact one that my Mom gave to me for my Lasagne every Christmas day! Mine is a family recipe too!
Happy belated Pink Saturday...
Love, Ann

Claudie said...

Happy Belated Pink Saturday Robyn
I loved everything on your table and I'm stuffed to the gills. That lasagna looks amazing!!!
I'll be back for desserts later lol
Claudie from Canada

Bridget said...

Blogger has been so bad with updates that I didn't know about this post.

I've been to Cafe Latte and loved it. That was nice of your boss to give you the cake.

That Dutch Baby looks so good, I haven't made one in a very long time.

KatCollects said...

Yummy cookies and lasagne, happy belated pink Saturday!

Shirl said...

Hello I'm still making my pink saturday visits. Thank you so much for stopping by, your post is so cute this week and the food you made looks so yummy! Your blog is really cute!
Have a Happy New Year, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Robyn!
Your pictures show a very Merry Christmas and time with family. Yummmm cookies and I just love the Santa cheese ball. You're right I wouldn't want to dig into one of those little snowmen. They are so cute. I will have to give them a try sometime this winter...such a novel idea.

You received great gifts from Santa too!

Are you Danish? Is that a type of oven pancake you made for brekky? I am Finnish background and we have something so similar to that even in the name but the letters are in different order. Ours is called Pannukakku.

I wish for you all the best in 2009...enjoy this first day too!

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Oh my, I'm not sure what my favorite part of your post is...the cake and Panakukan looks wonderful but Jacob is precious sleeping isn't he? :)