Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

     Today was a blast!  Literally!   Of course, Jacob had his share of fireworks.  We had our mini excursion to Wisconsin a few weeks past so we had our Black Cats and what-not.   But after a roadtrip to 3, no really 4 firework stands yesterday,  we were well stocked.   The first stand did not have the Jumping Jacks he was looking for so we purchased a few incidentals and moved on.  The proprietors of the next stand were way too pushy.  Very overwhelming.   As we were turning to leave, their cashier declared that their credit card machine was no longer transmitting, so anyone planning on purchasing with a credit card was out of luck - yippee!  That was an easy out.   The third stand was rated the best!  It had a lot of very interesting extras.   Magic Whips, Spinners, Whistling something-of-anothers and the  Jumping Jacks we were looking for.    We purchased a large "Grand Finale" fountain.  $49.00.   I must be crazy.   I told Jacob I could just hand him a $50 bill to light up and it would be just as fun.    I get the rolled eyes, you know the look.   The last stand was just up the road.  We popped in "just because".   We should have stopped there first.   The fountains were Buy One/Get One Free!   They had the Jumping Jacks and all the other  things for a lot less.    We picked up our state's version of the  Roman Candle, some little tanks that shoot stars and explode, and some balls that rise up and spin and emit showers of sparks.   We had a very fun day!   Grampa actually held "the faux Roman Candles" and had fun.   He allowed Jacob to shoot off the Bottle Rockets and the Lady Fingers and Firecrackers without a hitch.   
     For our dinner today we grilled pizzas.   I start by grilling a boneless skinless chicken breast, Hot and Sweet Italian sausages and then I slice
 them.   I roast a garlic bulb and a sweet vidalia onion in foil with a little EVOO to caramelize them.     I roast a red pepper and cherry tomatoes.   Meanwhile, the crust is rising.    The recipe I have for the crust is the best.   
     1 1/4 cups warm water
     1 package yeast
     1 Tbsp honey
     2 Tbsp olive oil
Placed in the bowl of the Kitchen-Aid mixer, then add
     3 cups of  all purpose flour
     1 tsp kosher salt
     1 Tbsp garlic powder
     1 Tbsp of Italian Seasoning - crushed
Start mixing until incorporated, then add
     1 additional cup of flour until thoroughly mixed at low speed.
Continue mixing for 10 minutes.
Place the dough into an olive oil coated mixing bowl and set aside in a warm draft-free space to double in size.   Punch down and allow to rise again.   About 30 minutes.    
     Place tiles (from tile shop -make sure they don't contain lead) directly onto the grill grate.  Brush on a little EVOO and allow to heat up to 500 degrees.   Carefully place about a 3" ball of dough onto the hot tiles and quickly free-form into  a flat pizza shape  pressing from the inside out.   If you poke a hole, carefully squeeze it back together.   Leave on the tiles for just a few minutes.  Remove from tiles and flip over. Place desired ingredients onto the bottom side of the crust.   Slide your topped pizza onto the upper grate and continue grilling until desired doneness - about 2-3 minutes.  I like my crust a little crispier so I leave it on a little longer.
     I  prepare several toppings before-hand such as sliced black olives, pepperoni slices, shredded or sliced mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves.   I have the roasted veggies and the sliced meats ready to go.   I open a can of Contadina pizza sauce and I am all set.  It sounds like a lot of prep work but believe me it is all worth it.  The pizzas are delicious and when we are all together it is a  lot of fun!    They may look small, but trust me they are very filling!   BTW, the dough makes about 6 servings.
      I'm having a fish fry tomorrow  afternoon and it is getting late.  Hope you had a Happy 4th!            

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J.H. said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for the pizza recipe!