Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I thought I would give Dogs on Thursday a try.....

     Well,   I was just on Nikki's cute blog with Oz and Crumpet and Miles wanted to join in on the fun, too.   Miles is a Miniature Schnauzer.  Yes, I said Miniature Schnauzer.  I know, he can't help himself he just kept growing  and growing.    I guess the Iams Eukanuba was chock full of vitamins and minerals.   But he was the tiniest puppy.  He was so cute.   That little face was just irresistible.

     Here he is with his spiffy new haircut, he is such a pretty boy!

 The End!


Smilingsal said...

Oh, he'd be a cute match for Charli over at Charliandme.

Shelia said...

Good morning! I love that little fuzzy face of yours! I have a little mini Schnauzer too ~ Chloe Dawn. She appears from time to time on my blog. I just may have to do this doggie Thursday thing, too!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

nikkicrumpet said...

whoa...ozzie is impressed with the size of that mini! Ozzie now thinks he needs to be that big when he grows up!!!!Your furry lovelump looks like a sweetie! I love the schnauzer's they are just so full of spunk.

Rue said...

Hi Robyn :)

What a cutie pie! That face could melt anyone's heart :)

Your woodpecker story cracked me up! LOL


Justine said...

Oh boy, he sure doesn't look mini to me! Look at that big butt! Kinda looks like mine! LOL

Justine :o )

dogquilter said...

Hey Miles, you are quite a cutie!!

Yeah I know how you feel about the food. Wilbur & Charlotte were both runts and I fed them growth development food and both are bigger than any of their litter mates and the future I will feed my puppies some cheapy food until they are full grown...just kidding.

Kathy said...

Mini Miles is adorable Robyn, Have a wonderful weekend, I think my son is still pulling tomato seeds out of his hair haha. hugs, Kathy

Paula said...

Miles is adorable!!!
I will add you to the Blogroll this week.
Welcome to Dogs on Thursday!
Just sign in whenever you make a dogs post and we will be sure to come read it!