Saturday, August 16, 2008

Catch-Up Day!

Painted Chairs,  Favorite Finds,  Garden  Updates galore.   With all the discussion of painted and repainted furniture and accessories I wanted to add my $.02.   I painted  the first chair, sanded and distressed it a bit, and applied a light coat of stain over all as a glaze.   I printed the letters from the computer and made my own carbon paper (like grade school or I should say "old school") by rubbing a pencil on the back.   Of course, I painted this chair a while back and I should really make this my do-over project.  Instead of Established 1986, I should change it to Abolished  1999!    
The second chair was painted and repainted just like Susan of Moonlight and Magnolia's hutch project a few times until I got the color just right.  I also used an outdoor paint.   The little oxeye daisies were just simple brush strokes.  Little Rosie was a HarMar Mall antique sale find.

Here is a picture of a lamp made by - guess who - my Dad, of course.   We had a really wonderful store called Mill Creek.  They had the cutest furnishings and decorative items.   The mall they were located in is in the process of remodeling, and I heard that they decided not to come back :(
Anyway,  they had these really cute lamps constructed from wood with different designs painted on the sides.   I was decorating my living room at the time and they did not have one with the color scheme that I was using.  I didn't want to buy one to paint over because they were about $200.   So I traipsed my Dad through the store and pointed  out all the goodies I needed reproducing. (That's probably why they are not coming back...)
All four sides have a different floral design.  My favorite, the black-eyed susan is towards the wall in this house.  It figures.   The other sides are lilacs and geraniums.

I found this Raggedy Ann cutout made by my brother Mark.  If you recall from my previous post, he repaired my Rag's foot when she had her minor mishap.  As shown on the back, he made this for me in 1970.  He  was 12 at the time.
Which brings me to my latest find.  I purchased a set of 8 of these sunflower plates.  I think they will be perfect for a late summer garden party! 

Finally, a garden update.  The Scarlet Runner beans have climbed the sunflower,    Miles loves the Anise Hyssop (the leaves taste like black licorice),  the mole has destroyed all but one simple vine of my Clematis and the poor baby is blooming with a vengence, and the poor liatris, is really taking a beating by both the mole and the bunnies.  



Smilingsal said...

I am so intimidated by crafty people like you. These chairs are beautiful! And the sunflower dishes--what a find.

nikkicrumpet said...

wow your garden woes sound just like mine...the bunnies are cute but boy do they ravage a garden...and lets not even talk about the EVIL moles! I love all your projects...I wish I could paint!

Kathy said...

Hi Robyn.
No bunnies or moles here yet, just greedy squirrels.
I really do love your sunflower plates, what a find.
Your chairs look great and your lamp is beautiful, what a lovely dad you have. Have a wonderful Sunday, Kathy.
oh. nearly forgot, the Raggedy Ann cutout, how lovely, you said your brother was a talented artist and you were right, what a treasure.

jerseygirl211 said...

Good Morning,

I'm afraid I haven't checked my blog for a few days, too busy with our son and his family, then I spent yesterday in the laundry room.

We are over-run with moles around our house, my husband goes out every morning shooting stuff into the holes they make, but we never get rid of them. :(

I do love your lamp, and the sunflower plates are 'to die for', especially since our living room and dining room have lots of sunflowers items displayed. Thanks for sharing.

If your son is interested, he can see more cars at, they are a site to see.

Thanks for stopping by my place. ;)


Rue said...

The chairs are really cute!! LOVE that lamp too :)


Ramona said...

Interesting read. I'm new to your blog, but have enjoyed the first few posts I've read.