Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally - Back to the Minnesota State Fair!

  Thursday was Senior Day at the Fair!   My Dad joined us again since the admission was only $5.  Jacob always starts his fair day with the Poncho Dog corn dog.   (Get your mind out of the gutter, that second picture really is a corn dog.)  
 Me and my Dad had the "About a foot long" hot dog slathered in sauted onions.   Right after getting that monstrosity we stumbled upon this sign that says "Portion Distortion".  Steps to a healthy balanced diet.  

 In the Creative Arts Building we checked out all of the Blue Ribbon winners.   Then the Education Building to check out all the colleges and universities for Jacob's future and all of  the free handouts you can get.  Every year I say we're not going to collect all that crap, but every year we wind up with bag-fulls.   Only at the fair would you walk around with the state of Minnesota on your head! 
In this pic,  the white tall thingy in the background is an actual blade to a windmill.  Can you imagine how tall an actual windmill  must be!   We made it all the way to Machinery Hill.   All of the old classics were present.  My Dad and Jacob oogled over all the Farmall and John Deere's and Ford tractors.  I oogled over the old John Deere tractor-made strawberry ice cream Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm!   
 Further down the road we stopped at the local radio station KQ92 booth - their morning show is a hoot!   They have a few shirts for sale -Jacob wanted this one - I of course said -No!    After visiting the Teen area - watching the extreme sporters - BMX'ers, skateboarders and the Rockband performers.  We moved onto the Pet Center sponsored by Chuck & Don's pet food outlet.   Then we hopped onto the Skyglider to ride back across the fair. It really saves a lot of steps and you can see for miles!   It was only two to a car - Me the ultimate chicken -  rode alone and Jacob rode with Grampa.   I actually let go for a sec to turn around to get a picture!                          
 We stopped at the Leinenkuegel's Beer Leinie Lodge Bandshell to listen to a group called Five by Design.  A Benny Goodman,  Lemon Sisters type show (remember it was senior day).   After chowing down on Bull Bites, Hash Browns on a stick,  & Macaroni & Cheese on a stick we watched Mel McDaniels perform Stand up, Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On and Louisiana Saturday Night, etc.   He wasn't that bad between inhaler puffs.

   We moved onto the Horticulture building to check out the large record setting pumpkins and veggies and the piece d' resistance the Crop Art!   Check out this slide show.   Keep in mind they are all created with seeds.  I just adore the feed sack display!   And I can't forget to show you the Sham-Wow! booth from the Merchandise Mart!  Everybody that walked by yelled "Sham-Wow!" in the australian accent.  It was time for the deep-fried Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.  That kinda hung in my craw for awhile.   Thank goodness for the little sample cups of a new iced tea by Coca-Cola.  By this time, we ran into cousins and an aunt at the Ball Park Beer Garden.  Their huge basket of garlic fries are legendary!     The karaoke is not!
Since we purchased lottery tickets at the fair we got a free t-shirt with a smiley face on it. Kare11 TV gave Jacob a bike helmet.  Quitplan gave him a water bottle and bunch of free mints, and the U of M handed out a great canvas backpack.  After listening to the band War perform  their hit Low Rider (theme song to the George Lopez show) we decided to head for home, after all we were there for 10 hours!   We'll back again tomorrow - this was only the tip of the ice berg....Robyn


Smilingsal said...

That windmill must be HUGE to have blades like that one!

Oooo, my tummy's aching just from reading about all of those goodies!

The UofM backpack is not a University of Miami backpack, I take it.

jerseygirl211 said...

Good Morning,

Well you sure look like you had a good time at the fair. Our state fair was in July, but we don't go. Having the boardwalk so close to us, is like having a fair all year long, so we get our fill.

I'm glad you liked MY BOYS pictures. I was cleaning out drawers, came across them and thought I'd post some. Of course I got all sentimental looking at them and thought I'd share.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.


nikkicrumpet said...

Oh feet are tired just listening to your story...oh and I think I gained 10 pounds!!! I hope you have a beautifully sunny weekend and more fun at the fair!

Anonymous said...

Oh Geez... the Minnesota Fair looked awfully fun! Im like Nikki... I got tired and full just reading!

Thanks for sharing with us such a special day!!!