Thursday, April 23, 2009


Nothing says spring like 
oh so Zesty
and Refreshing
Mini Lemon Meringue Tartlets

You know me, I love to bake things that require
multiple steps and create the largest mess 
in the kitchen.

I adapted this recipe from 
She made them in mini pie tins,
but I chose to put them
in muffin cups.
I thought that they would be cuter...

Jacob sure loved them.
They were the perfect size 
to just pop right in!

In-between each step,
I had to chase 
a little Downy Woodpecker
from the front of our cedar house.

I would be mixing away 
and Miles would come 
to get me - 
Mom, the Woodpecker's Back - 
Hurry Up -Hurry Up!

It looks like I have 
to dig out the big owl eyes
or some flashy old CD's
to scare the little guy away.

Today it was a beautiful 75 degrees,
but a bit windy.  
But who's complaining - 
it beats winter any old day!

Lucky me,
Jacob discovered a new 
vintage vinyl record store
closer to our house.

So after today's A&W Mama Burgers
and root beer floats,
we popped in and picked up
some Led Zeppelin,
Stevie Ray Vaughn,  Jethro Tull,
Joe Walsh and Foreigner.
At $3.99  each they were a bargain.

Well, you can all think of me
sitting my day  away at seminars today - 
All about molars and fluoride
and root canals.
This weekend is the 
Minnesota Dental Convention.
When I return I will
stop by our dear Gollum
to check out 
all of your wonderful recipes
and foodie ideas.



Chandy said...

Robyn, mine's a dessert too, but it's "still in the blog oven" and won't be ready for about 12 minutes! LOL

Those look so yummy! I can almost taste it!

susan said...

Maybe it's just me, but the yellow writing doesn't show up well enough to read on my monitor--or maybe I need new contacts..The photo are great and I would love to see the recipe!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

This is a wonderful idea! Looks delish, too!

Kris said...

Oh yummy!! the lemon tarts look so tasty. They would look even better sitting on MY table. hehe

Tell Jacob Happy Belated Birthday!

Have a happy day


P.S. Enjoy the Dental Convention

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Lemon and chocolate are my favorite. Mail me some of I am only half kidding!

Smilingsal said...

If we lived close, you'd be my BEST friend, and I'd get yum-yums galore.

Raggedy Girl said...

Happy Foodie Friday to you Robyn!

This is my first Foodie Friday and thank you for sharing your recipe for your Lemon tartlets which look yummy and very much a Spring Fling thing!

The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

cindy said...

Looks yummy!..Have fun at the seminar!!! :)

Joyce said...

Oh my but my waistline is in trouble with these. They look wonderful!

Beth at Aunties said...

Absolutely love Lemon! Thanks and perfect size too!
Have fun at the D conference! In 2 weeks our #3 son graduates from dental school. In 2 more years our # 1 son will graduate from the same school. (VCU) Are you or your hubby the dentist in your family?

It will be Lemon tarts at our house soon.

salmagundi said...

I love little miniature food!! I sometimes do things in my muffin tins thinking then I won't be eating so much. But, I end up thinking that was so small, I can eat another and another!! Enjoy your weekend (after the conference). Sally

Mrs. B. Silly said...

Your little tarts are just adorable and look so yummy! I'm so hungry now. lol I'm going to have to settle for strawberries since I haven't baked anything.

Foley said...

How cute - Love anything lemon! Great recipe and post!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I like these bite sized treats and wish I had a few right now, Robyn

Enjoy your conference!

Miss Janice said...

Goodness gracious these lemon treats look so good! Fun times at the Dental Conference:)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, those looks delicious! I am drooling. laurie

Mimi said...

Here I am again! Take a photo of your poor Raggedy Ann and put it outside. Bet it would scare away that woodpecker! There, I'm done, promise I won't make jokes about her again.

I do have to say, though, I've lost a few things to puppies and dogs. It's pretty traumatic at the time but what can you do? The poor animal didn't target a keepsake on purpose. For whatever reason, dogs DO chew off the eyes of most things...crunchy, maybe?

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Those look so yummy! I love anything baked with lemon inside!

Reading over the list of the music you bought brought back a lot of memories. You must be a child of the 70's like me! I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I spent listening to their music!