Monday, April 6, 2009


Here it is another 
Blue Monday!
Thanks Sally
for hosting 
this fun weekly event.

Nope, this drink 
is not a
"Sandra Lee Cocktail Time"
This is actually a 
Pomegranate Peach Limeade
Red Robin.
Jacob had to give it a try.
He gave it two thumbs up.
Also, it was "bottomless".....
Which I give 
"two-thumbs up"!
I hope you have a 
Red Robin near you,
because the food is really good.
The atmosphere is a bit
noisy though, so it's hard  to 
carry on a conversation
if you go with a group.

Okay, now here we go - 
I have finally decided to 
re-decorate the living room.
Afterall, my furniture 
has only been around 
for 15 years....
Heck, I bought that
when I was expecting Jacob!

I want something fun,
fresh, timeless
(you know it's got to last 
another 15 years....LOL!)

This is just round one.
I'm very indecisive - so
this ordeal will take awhile.

I'm needing a sofa,
a loveseat, a chair 
with a  matching ottoman
and an accent chair.

I have decided that the green fabric
is too avocado and it has a 
shimmer to it - somewhat like
polyester.  I'm not digging that so much.

So we are back to the drawing board.

I've dropped off these swatches
but I didn't have time to swap
them for others.  I'll pick up more next Friday!



Cynthia said...

Those are beautiful fabrics I can't wait to see the next ones. I love picking out new furniture how fun will that be. Cindy

susan said...

I really love the big paisley. I love fabric so much that it is very hard for me to limit myself. I have recovered everything at my house--working on my daughter's now :)

Stacey said...

Robyn, I love those fabrics!! The green is gorgeous to me but I know what you mean about sheen. When I redid my living room I picked a green silk that is the shiniest now that it's all finished. Kind of icky. That paisley is my fave. :) I say don't worry about how many patterns you have. If they all work together go for it.

Smilingsal said...

I am so tired of seeing avocado (or sage) green. I think it's over. So I agree with you about deleting that one. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Robyn, your drink looks too good.

Beautiful fabrics too.

Happy Blue Monday.


Kris said...

Nice mix of colors and patterns. I do love the paisley, that's my favorite. Looking forward to the next round of swatches. I also need to purchase new furniture. I've got a mix match of furnishings in my living area now and it's nowhere near my style.

Have a happy day


salmagundi said...

I stew about picking out a fabric for one pillow, so I'm no help here. It should be a fun project, though. Anxiously awaiting next week's choice of fabrics. Sally

black eyed susans kitchen said...

All of those patterns look great together. I like the color grouping that you picked.
♥, Susan

Raggedy Girl said...

I just gave away my Blue and White Checked Furniture and bought brown leather. I got some fabric very close to your checked fabric for new drapes. After twenty years I am trying to go from Cutesy Country Cluttered to Country Simple. It is not easy. I keep putting things up and taking them down. I am ending up with a lot of left overs!

I hope you do step by step photos of your redecorating project as I love to see what others are doing.

Have A Wonderful Day
from Roberta Anne

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

It is so much fun choosing fabric for your furniture! I know you'll pick the right ones. Happy Blue Monday!


Lynda said...

The fabrics are all pretty, but I love the paisley!

Sheri said...

Beautiful fabrics! I used to have that flower fabric. I love the paisley too! Happy blue monday!
Sheri~~Prim Rose Hill Studio

Anonymous said...

Choosing fabrics is one of those tasks I love/hate. Fun to look, hard to decide.

Kathy b

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I too love that paisley. Happy Blue Monday!

Sweetie said...

I really like the paisley but then I like all of the fabrics. I'm interested in seeing more.

Deb said...

good luck finding just the one you want, I'm sure you will know it the second you see it

claudie said...

Hi Robyn
I like the third one. I think you could really work with it. Stripes are harder.
Can't wait to see what you decide. You have to LOVE it.
Happy Blue Monday and I would like to try that Pomegranate Peach Limeade..yum
Love Claudie

Chandy said...

Those are all lovely choices, the ones you have left. I'm sure in the end you'll choose the right one, whichever it is. I'm not helping, am I? ;-)

Happy Monday Robyn!

CC said...

I wouldn't know which fabric to choose..they're all pretty.
Happy blues and have a great week.

Bo said...

Hi Robyn...I don't envy you with having to make the fabric choices... I can hardly choose what I want to eat...LOL ;-) Bo

Melissa Miller said...

Robyn what beautiful fabrics! They all seem to blend well together too.

Have a blessed week.
~Melissa :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm a little late, it's more like Blue Tuesday with me! I wouldn't want a shiny-polyesterish fabric, either.

jerseygirl211 said...

Good Morning Robyn,

I love the fabrics and the color combination, maybe that's because I've used those colors together in our house. ;)

The flowers for church are all finished, so that is a relief. Now I can turn my attention to Easter at our house. Our youngest son is coming down tomorrow and staying thru Sunday. We will go out for dinner on Easter, but he has put in a request for stuffed artichokes, so I'll be making them for dinner on Saturday and I'll make some of his other favorites too.

Wishing You, Jacob and your family a very HAPPY EASTER.


Jodie from the team at said...

I think they are all pretty but good luck finding a fabric you love.

nikkicrumpet said...

I love the color combos and the different patterns. I love the look of mixing textures like that. In my sunroom we have a floral, plaid, and stripe and it's one of my favorite rooms! I can't wait to see the next swatches...make sure to show us "OUR" choices hehehe

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I love that paisey and the plaid as well. Paisey is so unique!

Mrs. B. Silly said...

You'll know when you find the right thing. If it doesn't speak to you, don't do it. I'm a fan of using simple fabrics on the big pieces. I did a sofa in toile and I do like it but I kind of wish I had just gone with a solid.
p.s. that lemonade looks GREAT! Maybe I need a trip to Red Robin!

cindy said...

That is a hard job...I like the big flowery one...oh wait...maybe the check....okay, I cant decide..I'll wait for more swatches...then I'll really be confused!...I saw that Macys has a lot of furniture on sale now..check out there website. Take care ~Cindy~

Rue said...

Hi Robyn :)

I think those were really pretty, but I know how tough it is to pick them out.

Jacob's dinner looked delicious!! he gets an A + from me too :)