Friday, July 10, 2009

Fertilizer Friday! (Foodie Friday to Follow this Afternoon)

I've Fertilized

This must be the year for herbs...
They have really taken off
and they look and taste great.

The Soapwort or "Bouncing Bet"
is blooming bright!

As well as, the BeeBalm and the Yarrow!

The "Worts" Spider and Soap.
How DID they get their name?
That doesn't sound very pretty,
does it?

Here's a close-up of the Soapwort.

It will bloom from now until October.

My friend Sandy and I made this bench about 10 years ago.
(I don't know why Jacob's insulator collection
stopped here....)

We're finally getting some peppers -
we'll have some Salsa afterall!
It's a beautiful day,
I need to go out & weed!

Visit Tootsie for more beautiful flowers!



Gwen said...

That bench is so cute and I am partial to your simple bunny:)

Tootsie said...

woo hoo!!! your garden is gorgeous!!! I am loving that bench is very similar to mine!
I'm glad you joined us this week...I was just about to come and harass you when you linked up!!! lol
have a wonderful weekend friend

salmagundi said...

Very hot, hot day here!! May your weekend be special. Sally

~~Rhonda said...

Love the bunny. So cute! Your soapwort looks white. I'll have to look for that. Ours is pink. It came from DH's family farm. Rather aggressive, so we planted it in a sunny spot on the edge of the woods. It's blooming beautifully! ~~Rhonda

xinex said...

I love seeing your garden, Robyn. It's making me miss the flowers in the backyard that I used to have. Those herbs are so healthy....Christine

bj said...

I love that bench. Wonder if I could make one? I might just give it a try...
Happy Pink Sat.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

ooo I Love flowers!!! Thank you for sharing such lovely ones!
~*Happy Pink Saturday too*~

cindy said...

Flowers look great! Your bench is darling too! take care ~Cindy~

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so lovely...what a sweet bench. Many years ago I had a little Herb business, so I know that
"Wort" is an old English word for plant. It sounds like it should be more mystical doesn't it?

Tootsie said...

would you believe...the "worts" are noxious weeds here for me??? yup...didn't know it..when I dug them out of a ditch on the side of the road and adopted them!

Dreamgirl said...

Beautiful plants!
Found your link on Beverly's Pink Saturday!
Fun to visit you!

Have a sunny and wonderful week!
Greetings from Spain

Cindy said...

Everything looks so green and healthy! Lovely flowers, love the bench too! Cindy

ksarra said...

Hi Robyn, I am in AWE of your garden. The bench is adorable, and I would LOVE to have herbs like that!!!!

Justine said...

Woo hoooooooo... look at all the prettiness! Yeah, who ever named some of these flowers and herbs?

Justine :o )

Sue said...

Hi Robyn, Your herbs are growing so abundantly!! I love your little bunny pot and the bench you made with a friend. I really have been inspired by so many of you with your gardens to actually attempt one next year! :-) Sue