Saturday, September 6, 2008


     I live for Fridays!   I work a very long 4 day week.   Friday doesn't come fast enough for me.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job - oops I mean career .   I am a dental assistant.  The stories I could tell - and maybe someday I will.  For now, I like to leave the office at the office.   
     My Dad tries to claim dibs on my day off.   He usually plans his medical appointments for Fridays so that I will go along.   He values my medical opinion - after all I am a "dental professional".   Actually though it is nice to have someone along to listen and interpret some of the  info.       Today was a quick little follow-up appointment and that always requires lunch and a shopping trip somewhere.   Today we went to Culver's.  I was craving the Butterburger.   
     Jacob needed book covers.  Many teachers were requiring covers for his school textbooks and they wanted cloth covers this year.  Last year when we had purchased cloth covers for his text books the teachers insisted that they ruined the corners of the books and they only wanted covers made from brown paper grocery bags.  So after donating the book covers to the Goodwill last year, we scrambled to find book covers this year.   Walmart was a bust.  Walgreen's - nope.  Target had them - two different styles - but his books were so large they barely fit.  His math book is really big (and heavy) and the covers wouldn't fit at all.  So me and Grampa ran to one other store and found ONE that did actually fit.  If he didn't have some of the covers by today he would have lost points, especially in physical science.  Luckily, we had one cover that fit that book.   (Jacob said that quite a few kids didn't have the covers because they couldn't find them.)  Which brings us to the very expensive graphing calculator.  We purchased one last year and then somehow over the summer it was misplaced in our house.  Jacob tore apart his room, the computer room, his log cabin, and the porch cabinet that is the equivilent to a huge junque drawer -  to no avail.  I thought crap -  I didn't want to spend another $100.00 on that.  Yippee!  He found the calculator today!   It was on the workbench in the garage.  Go figure!  
     Sorry, I digressed, is that proper grammar? Anyway, they opened a new Costco  near our Sam's Club and we wanted to check it out.  They are pretty similar, but we joined anyway.   I am a member at Sam's and my Dad joined Costco.   We threw a few things in the cart like coffee,  a case of tomato sauce, a case of water, and of course their artisan breads and checked out.  We had the Berry Sundae with strawberries. Mmmmm.  But we had to go to Sam's 'cuz my Dad wanted the huge box of Minute Rice and the case of Swanson's chicken broth.   Well, you don't just buy that - you have to get the case of Hershey bars or the jumbo stick of pepperoni.   And how about that triple chocolate fudgey bundt cake?   Then of course, Ralph Lauren Polo khaki cargos were just laying there in Jacob's size right in front of me, and that new movie with Helen Hunt and Bette Midler looked good, too.  So, $172.00 of what? I sit.  Did I prepare anything for supper.  No.  My Dad ran me ragged.  I made a policy with Jacob that if he completed his homework immediately after school I would take him out for dinner.   He hurried and did it!  I  was so excited.  We went to TGIFriday's!   Jacob had the Sesame Jack chicken strips and the new BBQ pork breaded ravioli appetizers.  I had the new BBQ bacon wrapped shrimp skewers and they were delicious.   I had to bring half of them home, you get two skewers of shrimp.  I realized I was eating like I was still at the fair -  for heavens sake.  
     Needless to say, tomorrow we are cleaning Jacob's room, the computer room cabinets, the cabinet in the porch and probably the log cabin.  


Smilingsal said...

While cleaning Jacob's room, what treasures you may find!

nikkicrumpet said...

Gosh...I thought on "days off" you were supposed to get some rest! I guess I've been doing it wrong all this time...and now I need some rest because I'm tired just watching you GO GO GO!

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

I love Fridays too, even if I have to work as it's the weekend! Your Father makes me smile, keeps his Fridays open, LOL! It sounds like you spent a lot but got a lot on your shopping ventures, I love Culvers too! Mmmmm :)